A Shameful Affair

A Shameful Affair

Written by Jaye Rothman

Book 3 in the Spy For All Seasons subseries.
"The Stasi, the East German Secret Police, are everywhere. The wrong word to the wrong person could result in arrest and interrogation. This desolate world is home to British spy Nikki Sinclair during her latest operation. Nikki is in East Berlin to find information on covert dissenters. When Katerina, a fellow student, befriends her, Nikki believes she's on the right path. But doubts linger. Is the emotional price she's paying too high? And is she walking into a trap? Then Dagmar, Nikki's intriguing neighbor, reveals her link to the Stasi, raising more questions. Is her interest in Nikki truly romantic or is she only keeping the British spy under surveillance?"