Full Name: Jason King
Nationality: British
Organization: Department S
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dennis Spooner , Monty Berman
Time Span: 1969 - 1972

       Jason King is an agent for Department-S.
       Long before Scully and Muldar investigated cases from the X-Files, Jason King and his associates checked out bizarre and unusual matters that affected international peace and security. Working for an organization called Department S, connected somehow with Interpol, King worked for Sir Curtis Suretse along with an American named Stewart Sullivan and a fellow Brit named Annabelle Hurst. They operated out of Paris though their missions took them to strange places.
       The two-book series about this hero has a slightly strange lineage, which considering all the facts is rather appropriate. In 1969, ATV brought to British television an hour-long adventure series about the people of Department S. It contained 28 episodes and lasted one season. The cases were strange, captivating, and confusing but of even more fun that the missions were the characters themselves. The actors made them highly entertaining.
       Starring as King, who was just one of the three main agents for the group, was the experienced actor Peter Wyngarde. His portrayal of the character was intriguing enough to both the producers and the audience that when the series concluded its single season, they gave the character/actor his own show. In 1971, King was back, now having left Department S. This series also lasted one year with 26 episodes.
       Jason King was a bon vivant, a raconteur, and probably many other French phrases. He loved the good life and made the most of it, paying for it by being the author of a best-selling adventure series about a character named Mark Caine. When he left Department S to go off on his own, it was to gather research material for these novels that King traveled about the world and got into all sorts of trouble. Often this trouble was Department S-related as he was often cajoled or simply forced into returning to his own line of work.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1972
Last Appearance:1972

1 Jason King Jason King
Written by Robert Miall
Copyright: 1972

The British government needs the help of retired agent Jason King, vacationing at a winter resort but he wants no part of it. Persistence and skullduggery with the tax people, however, soon force him into helping just to stay out of jail.

1 Jason King Jason King
Written by Robert Miall
Copyright: 1972

The British government needs the help of retired agent Jason King, vacationing at a winter resort but he wants no part of it. Persistence and skullduggery with the tax people, however, soon force him into helping just to stay out of jail.

2 Kill Jason King Kill Jason King
Written by Robert Miall
Copyright: 1972

Some one or ones is pulling off fantastic robberies all across Europe and the police, along with Interpol, are pointing their fingers at Jason King, a man who just happened to have been where the crimes happened when they happened.

2 Kill Jason King Kill Jason King
Written by Robert Miall
Copyright: 1972

Some one or ones is pulling off fantastic robberies all across Europe and the police, along with Interpol, are pointing their fingers at Jason King, a man who just happened to have been where the crimes happened when they happened.


Number of Episodes:54
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1972
Network:ITV (UK)

"Department S"- [ - ]
Peter WyngardeJason King [ 1 ]
Joel FibianiStewart Sullivan [ 1 ]
Rosemary NicolsAnnabelle Hurst [ 1 ]
Dennis PetersSir Curtis Seretse [ 1 ]
"Jason King"- [ - ]
Peter WyngardeJason King [ 1 ]
Anne SharpNicola harvester [ 1 ]
Dennis PriceSir Brian [ 1 ]
Ronald LaceyRyland [ 1 ]
1 Department S: Six Days
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/09/1969

*When a plane filled with passengers, one of whom is the Department's chief Sir Curtis, lands in London, the pilot believes they have landed 30 minutes early after a routine flight. They are told that they are, in fact, six days late. The name of an Eastern bloc pilot is found on the passenger list, but he is killed before he can be interrogated.

2 Department S: The Trojan Tanker
Episode 01x02, first aired 09/16/1969

*When a tanker is involved in a crash, the police discover that the tanker is not carrying gas but a living area. The only clue is the driver involved in the accident, who swears he saw an injured woman in the back of the tanker -- a woman who somehow disappeared from the back of the tanker. A lighter with an insignia that Jason recognizes is the only clue left behind.

3 Department S: A Cellar Full of Silence
Episode 01x03, first aired 09/23/1969

*Four men dressed in costumes are shot to death in a cellar while celebrating a robbery. The investigation shows that the gun of the one dressed as a cowboy had been fired. When an unidentified man's body is found in the trunk of a car fished out of a lake, the Department discover who the gun was used on -- but not why, or what the connection is to a World War II German field marshall's baton.

4 Department S: The Pied Piper of Hambledown
Episode 01x04, first aired 09/30/1969

*A young woman who is scheduled to participate in a beauty contest takes a sleeping pill and turns in early. When she awakens the next morning, she discovers that everyone in her village has disappeared. The only clue the Department can find is a mailbox with a fresh coat of paint on it.

5 Department S: One of Our Aircraft Is Empty
Episode 01x05, first aired 10/07/1969

*A call from Skytripper 190 comes into the control tower, requesting auto land clearance. The control tower doesn't understand why; and, when the plane lands, airport officials discover that it is totally empty. Annabelle discovers a photograph of a reclusive industry CEO boarding the transcontinental flight in New York, but his name is not on the passenger list. The only other thing the Department finds is the body of the flight's pilot in a warehouse.

6 Department S: The Man in the Elegant Room
Episode 01x06, first aired 10/14/1969

*A real estate agent brings a prospective buyer to a warehouse. When they go inside they find a lavishly constructed replica of a living room with bars across the door, and inside a woman's corpse and a crazed man. The man is murdered in the mental hospital before he can reveal anything except the name of a woman.

7 Department S: Handicap Dead
Episode 01x07, first aired 10/21/1969

*Stewart is a spectator at a golf tournament. The golfer leading the tournament fails to show up for his tee time and is later found dead. While it initially appears to be an accident, the theft of the man's golf clubs leads to a trail of murder and smuggling.

8 Department S: Black Out
Episode 01x08, first aired 10/28/1969

*A chef disappears en route to an opera. When he is located in Mexico three days later, still in his formal wear, he has no idea of what happened to him. The Department discovers that the man was mistaken for someone else, but by the time they realize this, the other man (a scientist) has disappeared. The only clue the chef can give them is turtle in the shell, a clue that sends the Department to Jamaica.

9 Department S: The Double Death of Charlie Crippen
Episode 01x09, first aired 11/04/1969

*A limousine is stopped with a land mine and riddled with machine gun fire. The Department investigates because the assassination victim turns out to be a wax dummy. The mannequin, nicknamed "Charlie Crippen" by Jason, apparently was mistaken for a real person. The Department has to find out who the intended victim is and who is behind the assassination plot.

10 Department S: The Treasure of the Costa del Sol
Episode 01x10, first aired 11/11/1969

*Two men kill each other after retrieving a plastic fish hidden in the ocean off the coast. The fish is loaded with $100,000 in American money. The Department's investigation leads to an international counterfeiting ring.

11 Department S: Who Plays the Dummy?
Episode 01x11, first aired 11/18/1969

*A policeman attempts to pull over a speeding car. When the car crashes, the policeman discovers the man behind the wheel is actually a dummy. Stewart and Jason, already in Spain, are called on the case. They discover the "how" -- remote control -- but also discover that the local authorities are hindering their investigation.

12 Department S: The Man Who Got a New Face
Episode 01x12, first aired 11/25/1969

*A man sneaks into a very secure, heavily guarded estate and glues a theatrical mask onto a sleeping man's face. The man awakens the next morning, sees the mask, and suffers a fatal heart attack. As the deceased man was a friend of Sir Curtis Seretse, the Department is called in to investigate who was responsible for the prank -- and, more importantly, why.

13 Department S: Les Fleurs du Mal
Episode 01x13, first aired 12/02/1969

*A man is ordered to take a deliver a package to a person in Paris. After the man?s boss is killed in an exchange of gunfire, he opens the package to discover three flowers and a message written on the paper. A number of people, including the Department, want to know what the three flowers and cryptic message have to do with an unsolved bank robbery.

14 Department S: The Shift That Never Was
Episode 01x14, first aired 12/09/1969

*A chemical company's manager tells the police that no one showed up for work the previous day, yet the neighbors of the company all claim the factory seemed to have had a perfectly normal day of operation. The Department finds that one worker who did show up for work has been murdered, and there is a tie to a nuclear-powered generating station's opening.

15 Department S: Dead Men Die Twice
Episode 01x15, first aired 12/16/1969

*A photographer presents a man with a picture of a man taken in a festival crowd. People break into the man's house to kill him, but he dies of a heart attack. The criminals then go to the morgue -- and shoot the body. These actions center around a notorious criminal named Christopher Lomax, thought dead for three years. The Department wants to know who was behind the attack on the corpse; and, more importantly, if Lomax is indeed still alive.

16 Department S: A Ticket to Nowhere
Episode 01x16, first aired 12/23/1969

*A plane landing at the airport kills a man who was wandering on the runway. The man had developed a brainwashing technique. The Department is afraid the device has fallen into the wrong hands. As they investigate, however, Jason and Stewart find themselves victims of the brainwashing machine.

17 Department S: The Last Train to Redbridge
Episode 01x17, first aired 12/30/1969

*Someone kills a subway car filled with people on their way home with nerve gas. The widow of one of the victims is kidnapped while at the morgue with Annabelle. Jason is also abducted, leaving Stewart and Annabelle to solve why it happened and who did it -- and how a "Stop Hitler Now!" poster figures as a clue.

18 Department S: The Ghost of Mary Burnham
Episode 01x18, first aired 01/06/1970

*A professor's wife is gunned down in a seemingly random act of violence. The man is distraught, but becomes more distrubed as he begins to see his dead wife and receive phone calls from her. The Department is put on the case -- but Sir Curtis will not tell them why the professor "is an important man to the world."

19 Department S: The Man from X
Episode 01x19, first aired 01/13/1970

*A couple in a car discover a dying man in a spacesuit staggering toward their auto. Stewart investigates at a company that manufactures spacesuits, but an attempt is made on his life once he discovers some spacesuits are missing. Jason, meanwhile, poses as an American safecracker to solve the case.

20 Department S: Death on Reflection
Episode 01x20, first aired 01/20/1970

*A mirror at an auction sparks a bidding war. Sir Curtis, who is in attendance at the auction, calls the Department to investigate why a relatively inconsequential mirror would sell for ?9,000 -- and why the man who bought the mirror was murdered shortly after the purchase.

21 Department S: The Perfect Operation
Episode 01x21, first aired 01/27/1970

*The lead brain surgeon operating on a British official is knocked unconscious and replaced with another man. The surgery is not botched; to the contrary, the replacement surgeon performed flawlessly. The Department wants to know why someone would replace a surgeon, while Jason investigates a connection to Istanbul.

22 Department S: The Duplicated Man
Episode 01x22, first aired 02/03/1970

*A plane explodes over the English Channel with a British diplomat aboard. Although a number of witnesses on a ferry boat saw the plane explode, Sir Curtis is convinced the man is still alive and was serving as a double agent. The Department has to track him down before the Russians do.

23 Department S: Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine
Episode 01x23, first aired 02/10/1970

*A pilot announces a flight bound for Athens is underway. As the flight progresses, a man shoots another passenger. He then opens the plane door and jumps -- to the floor of a warehouse. The Department needs to figure out who the murdered man was, and why anyone would construct a set to make people think they were on a passenger plane.

24 Department S: Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old
Episode 01x24, first aired 02/17/1970

*A distraught young man commits suicide in a London park after throwing his passport away. What would be considered a routine case becomes Department material when the coroner rules, without question, the youthful man was in fact 60 at the time of his death. The case becomes more confusing when the dead man's body is stolen from the morgue.

25 Department S: A Fish out of Water
Episode 01x25, first aired 02/24/1970

*An Interpol agent dies while on vacation in Beirut. Stewart, a close friend of the dead agent, does not believe that his friend, an accomplished scuba diver, died in a scuba diving accident and demands that the Department investigate. Sir Curtis first says no, then relents and allows Jason to fly to Lebanon to investigate. However, he orders Stewart to stay away from the case because Sir Curtis believes Stewart is "far too emotional" to properly investigate the case.

26 Department S: A Small War of Nerves
Episode 01x26, first aired 03/03/1970

*Greg Halliday, a noted chemist, has disappeared. The Department is called on to find him quickly, as he has disappeared with a canister of nerve gas that he helped create. Frustrated with humanity, Halliday threatens to unleash the nerve gas on London.

27 Department S: The Bones of Byrom Blain
Episode 01x27, first aired 03/10/1970

*Upon arrival at a Ministry of Defense compound, a government official's driver discovers that the man he has been transporting has apparently become a skeleton. The Department investigates, but more officials become skeletons -- including the Department's own official, Sir Curtis Seretse.

28 Department S: The Soup of the Day
Episode 01x28, first aired 03/17/1970

*An elaborate break-in at a customs warehouse on a loading dock results in the theft of one case of fish soup from Portugal. As Stewart and Annabelle are investigating, the case of soup is found outside, discarded. Jason thinks there is a larger crime behind the breaking and entering, so he heads to Lisbon to check the factory where the soup originated from.

29 Jason King: Wanna Buy a Television Series
Episode 01x01, first aired 09/15/1971

*When Jason King sets out to sell a series of Mark Caine novels for television, he finds adventure isn't a saleable commodity.

30 Jason King: A Page Before Dying
Episode 01x02, first aired 09/22/1971

*A Jason King novel describing how a man is smuggled across the East-West German border lands its author in a danger-loaded espionage plot!

31 Jason King: Buried in the Cold, Cold Ground
Episode 01x03, first aired 10/06/1971

*It's always a chancy business to give a lift in a car to a pretty girl hitch-hiker and even chancier to give one to a released prisoner. Jason King finds the plot for his next Mark Caine novel when he does so!

32 Jason King: Deadly Line in Digits
Episode 01x04, first aired 10/13/1971

*Jason King pits his writer's imagination against computerized crime - and becomes a Bulgarian master-crook!

33 Jason King: Variations On A Theme
Episode 01x05, first aired 10/20/1971

*Vienna - city of song. But the song has a sinister note for Jason King when rival factions seek to use him as bait to trap a double-agent. Alan Keeble is dead. Or so his girl-friend Greta Weiss believes.

34 Jason King: As Easy as A B C
Episode 01x06, first aired 11/11/1971

*A couple of crooks try to turn fiction into fact by copying the crimes created by Jason King in his Mark Caine books. But can they overcome the fact that Caine always wins?

35 Jason King: To Russia - with Panache
Episode 01x07, first aired 11/17/1971

*Jason King is abducted to Moscow to unravel the mystery of three men who have been turned into three tidy piles of ashes. He creates his own Phoenix.

36 Jason King: A Red, Red Rose Forever
Episode 01x08, first aired 12/01/1971

*A red rose has a dangerously prickly thorn for Jason King when it identifies him as a hired killer!

37 Jason King: All That Glisters
Episode 01x09, first aired 12/08/1971

*A rare and valuable golden Cellini is stolen - and the debonair Jason King find his love life interrupted seven thousand miles away.

38 Jason King: All That Glisters
Episode 01x10, first aired 12/15/1971

*The search for the missing Cellini antique switches from Paris to Rome, and Jason King finds that chasing gold can lead to certain death.

39 Jason King: Flamingoes Only Fly on Tuesdays
Episode 01x11, first aired 12/29/1971

*Opposition parties may be essential in a democracy, but in a revolution they only get in the way - and Jason King finds himself in the centre of a Caribbean revolutionary merry-go-round.

40 Jason King: Toki
Episode 01x12, first aired 01/05/1972

*Jason King falls in love with a gangster's girlfriend - and finds that the arrows of of love can lead to death.

41 Jason King: Constance Missal
Episode 01x13, first aired 01/12/1972

*Jason finds himself involved in an attempt to burgle the British Museum after he is hypnotized by a beautiful woman.

42 Jason King: Uneasy Lies the Head
Episode 01x14, first aired 01/19/1972

*Jason receives a shock when shown newspaper cuttings with pictures of him in Istanbul. But he is in Paris. Who is impersonating him - and why?

43 Jason King: Nadine
Episode 01x15, first aired 02/02/1972

*A beautiful girl may be able to set a trap for a man's heart - but it takes more than beauty to bemuse the wits of a man like Jason King! Crooks who seek to use him as a dupe provide him with a glamorous companion.

44 Jason King: A Kiss for a Beautiful Killer
Episode 01x16, first aired 02/09/1972

*The King becomes a pawn in a revolution - but does he really hold the key to the secret both sides are seeking so desperately? Why should the Government of a South American republic be so anxious to get Jason King to its country?

45 Jason King: If It's Got to Go - It's Got to Go
Episode 01x17, first aired 02/16/1972

*A visit to a German health farm proves to be far from healthy for Jason King. But why has he been tricked into going there?

46 Jason King: Thin Band of Air
Episode 01x18, first aired 03/03/1972

*A dead man's Russian accent, a ten-year-old kidnapping and a pretty girl combine to put Jason King in peril.

47 Jason King: it's Too Bad about Auntie
Episode 01x19, first aired 03/10/1972

*An old woman is the cause of a girl being accused of murder. Jason must deal with the sweet old lady who has embroiled a young woman as the prime suspect in a crime. Other lead includes a stolen vacuum cleaner.

48 Jason King: Stones of Venice
Episode 01x20, first aired 03/17/1972

*Jason visits Venice and is given a prize for a book he has not written which tells a real-life story of crime.

49 Jason King: A Royal Flush
Episode 01x21, first aired 03/24/1972

*Jason dallies with a princess, but racketeers take a rap at romance.

50 Jason King: Every Picture Tells a Story
Episode 01x22, first aired 03/31/1972

*Jason King finds that a cartoon strip based on his own Mark Caine characters has sinister implications when translated into Chinese.

51 Jason King: Chapter One: The Company I Keep
Episode 01x23, first aired 04/07/1972

*Dolce Vita-type parties, blackmail and murder are the ingredients of the latest Mark Caine book Jason King is writing - but everything he creates is actually happening. Has he suddenly become clairvoyant?

52 Jason King: Zenia
Episode 01x24, first aired 04/14/1972

*Jason deliberately walks into a trap in order to find the president's kidnapped daughter.

53 Jason King: An Author in Search of Two Characters
Episode 01x25, first aired 04/21/1972

*A film script strangely comes to life and Jason finds himself at the centre of it.

54 Jason King: That Isn't Me, It's Somebody Else
Episode 01x26, first aired 04/28/1972

*A bogus Jason King sets a problem for the adventure loving author when he sets out to kill a gangland boss. But it saves the real Jason King from the danger of marriage!


       The two novels about Jason King was written with the same light air that the television show enjoyed and therefore as just as fun to read. King is considered to be an exceptional ladies man and the books confirm it though the encounters are all PG rated as would befit the times.
       Fans of old television shows will enjoy these books as will anyone who watched either Department S or Jason King. King is a bit full of himself at times but that is what makes the character so fun.
       Episodes of the two shows are very hard to find but if you get a chance, watch just for nostalgia sake.


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chrisno1 D+ 2016-05-30

I've only seen one episode of Jason King and it was a fairly humdrum if swanky take on 70s Britain with a bit of spying thrown in. The books are tosh, lacking any sort of meat on bare bones. For dedicated fans only.

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