Full Name: Gordon Gallagher
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Julian Jay Savarin
Time Span: 1982 - 1994

       Gordon Gallagher is an agent for the British Secret Service.
       He is the son of a beautiful Jamaican woman and an Oxford don. He was raised in the U.K. Though through his father he had entry to the middle class, his mixed blood was the draw for much turmoil and many fights with other kids. He quickly learned how to handle himself and he gained considerable self-reliance.
       He joined the Royal Air Force as soon as he was old enough and became a fighter pilot with a well-respected reputation. After leaving the service, he was recruited by a branch of the British Secret Service, known as the Department, for which he worked for several years. As his cover, he learned photography and became good at it.
       Now as the series begins, he is 34 and has decided he has had enough putting his life in danger and taking the lives of others and has retired from the Department to begin a new life as a photographer. This new career takes him to many exotic places but that just makes him seem even more available to the Department who will not let him go and always find a way to force him into service. Also reluctant to let Gallagher retreat from the action are the numerous enemies he's made in his job.
       Gallagher is described as a man who just exudes leadership, a trait he is not unaware of but does at times regret as it means he is often put in charge of things he wants nothing to do with. Even those who find themselves on the opposite side of him give him begrudged respect for it is easily to learn just how good he can be when his back is against a wall.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:1982
Last Appearance:1994


       When I first started reading the adventures of Gallagher, I was drawn by the fact that this was a human being, not just a killing robot. In the first tale, he is reeling from the betrayal by his beautiful wife, having seen his world collapse. As time goes on, he continually finds himself giving his battered heart to other women, usually with disaster waiting for him. Additionally, when he witnesses the cruelty his adversaries are capable of, he is sickened and disgusted, making him an even more deadly opponent.
       The author, Mr. Savarin, does not dwell on any of these too much but the words he uses to describe them get the point across and he moves on, keeping the action going. That is the mark of a good writer.


My Grade: A-

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