Full Name: Adam Kane
Series Name: My Name Is Adam Kane
Nationality: British
Organization: DI-6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dale Cutts
Time Span: 1975 - 1980


       Adam Kane is an agent with British Intelligence.
       Exactly what department calls the shots for this highly experienced and well known operative is not quite specified for a while. Eventually the DI-6 designation is given, back in the day it went by that acronym before the switch to MI-6. Whatever the title of the organization is, one thing certain is that he is a British intelligence agent who works around the world and is known by most of the foreign security services. This makes it tricky sometimes to move about with anonymity but does help with making sure many of the people he might deal with know he is not a light-weight.
       Kane works out of a London headquarters answering to a man name Develish (spelling uncertain) who is seldom actually the one passing on instructions - there is usually at least one level of management between Kane and the top man - but he is definitely the one calling the shots and the one who gets annoyed when a mission does not go the way he wants it.
       We do not learn a great deal about his history before becoming an intelligence man. He is said to have been in the Military, almost certainly during World War II and it is probable that he served with Military Intelligence then. Vague allusions to things that went on back then are made but nothing definite. We do now know how old he is, though we can guess mid-to-late 30's. He definitely has no home life which is good since being gone as often as he is, he hardly has a home.
       Kane is definitely known for his appreciation of the opposite sex. He has a strong reputation in place, well earned, for going after an attractive lass when available and usually ending up with her. This attraction is considered a couple of times to be a major problem for him, one opponent stating that "[Kane's] as weak as a kitten if there is a bird around that he fancies". That last is a very misplaced assumption about Kane, though. He does not let his interests interfere with his work (much).
       Though he is known, and not that appreciated by his superiors, for his quick wit and his sometimes biting comments, he is overall respectful of authority and a team player. He might snark a bit at an order or at the ones giving them but he can be counted on for coming through.

Good Line:
"People think I spend half my life bashin' other blokes; shootin' and being shot at. It isn't true. I like peace and quiet and I guard it whenever I go at it, which isn't all the time, believe me."


Number of Episodes:44
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1980

Don McCorkindaleAdam Kane [ 73-79 ]
Richard CoxAdam Kane [ 79-80 ]

Out of the 41 known episodes, many of them repeated making the "known" count to be higher, only a few have their first aired dates firmly agreed upon. Therefore, I have chosen to list them in alphabetical order with the date, if any, marked.

The shows were presented by Springbok Radio, the first commercial radio station in South Africa, and ran from 1973 to possibly 1980. Exactly how many episodes were aired in how many "seasons" is not known; just the 41 that have been preserved.





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