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Full Name: Jack Smith and Jill Smith
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Taylor Stevens
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


       Jack and Jill are freelance agents.
       Jonathan Thomas Smith and Julia Jane Smith. That is the name on their passports. Usually. At least when we first meet them but before, there would have been an assortment of names and nationalities and residences and back-stories. All different and none of them the least bit real.
       Reality was a luxury for both Jack and Jill, 26-year-old twins raised by Clare to be constantly on the lookout for them. They were coming after her and her offspring one day and unless the twins were ready, they would die. Clare was certain of that - no doubt at all in her mind.
       There was a ton of doubt in the minds of the twins, though. Why wouldn't there be since for over two decades, their whole lives really, they had been taught by one of the very best operatives on the planet to be just as good as she, all ready for that upcoming attack that never, ever came.
       Until it did.
       Clare was a freelance agent herself. She took the occasional job for the Broker and she was good. Very, very good. She could change her appearance at the literal drop of a hat. She could change her age, ethnicity, physical condition, even her sex if she needed to so she could come and go without notice. She taught the twins to do the same.
       She could fight with the best of them, too and made sure that the twins were every bit as deadly as they could be. Rifles, pistols, knives, hands and feet, or anything just lying around. She could probably kill you with that hat she literally dropped. And so could they.
       But she was certain the time would come when they would need the training just to survive but the twins were not so certain. In fact, they really didn't believe her at all anymore. The twins thought their mother was truly nuts. They thought all those years being constantly trained, and worse yet, tested, were just because mommie dear was a loon.
       Still, they trained because with Clare, you did what you were taught. And they got good. Very, very good. Even though it was really totally unnecessary because there really was no they. And they were not really coming after any of them.
       Until they did.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Liars' Paradox Liars' Paradox
Written by Taylor Stevens
Copyright: 2018

Both Jack and Jill were trying their best to have 'normal' lives after years of being raised by Clare, a world-class paranoid who thought they were after her and trained her twins from the cradle to be ready to survive them. She was certifiable, they knew. Until someone blew up Clare's house. Until they came after them.
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2 Liars' Legacy Liars' Legacy
Written by Taylor Stevens
Copyright: 2019

Trained since birth to be able to survive anyone, Jack & Jill have to take on everyone as they look into what happened to their mother, Clare, and seek out the man they think might be their father, and as they deal with a couple of teams of CIA eliminators. And the Russians. And the occasional other.
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