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Full Name: Kiki Claymore
Nationality: American
Organization: Task Force Ten
Occupation Agent

Creator: Shane O'Brien MacDonald
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


First Look:
       Kiki Claymore is an agent with Task Force Ten.
       When we first meet this very much alive and lively young woman, she has a part-time job for NATO as a typist, a not very exciting job that allows her to see very little and do even less but it does afford her the opportunity to live in Amsterdam and that is for her a lot better than Ottawa, Canada where she was born and raised. That life is about the change drastically.
       It seems being a spy runs in her family and when her grandfather, Angus, a Scotsman who turns out was a legendary operative. Claymore did not know that but soon learned it and other things, too.
       And suddenly she was part of Task Force Ten. She really did not want to be. And her fellow operatives did not want her to be. And her new bosses most certainly did not want it. And things were about to get worse.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 Code Name: Kawaii Code Name: Kawaii
Written by Shane O'Brien MacDonald
Copyright: 2013

Kiki Claymore knew she was inexperienced and that the rest of Task Force Ten wanted to play it safe but she was also certain she was right so she followed her instinct. That put her linked with the terrorists and in a lot of trouble unless she can stop an atomic bomb from wiping out a lot of Europe.
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2 Code Name: Daedalus Code Name: Daedalus
Written by Shane O'Brien MacDonald
Copyright: 2014

Project Daedalus was a top-secret program of completely self-sufficient drones. Unfortunately, they have been hijacked by terrorists and will likely be used in New York City. The leader of the group was a former boyfriend of Kiki Claymore so she is tasked with finding and stopping him.

3 Code Name: Coronado Code Name: Coronado
Written by Shane O'Brien MacDonald
Copyright: 2014

Kiki Claymore was hoping for some sun-drenched rest time but instead comes up against neo-Nazis and gets herself thrown out of a plane and kidnapped by pirates. Definitely not a vacation.
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4 Code Name: Katarina Code Name: Katarina
Written by Shane O'Brien MacDonald
Copyright: 2014

No one suspected tech billionaire Tossert of being a terrorist who wanted the deaths of millions - except Kiki Claymore who is upset at having an ex-roommate brainwashed by Tossert. To stop him, she does not run away, she infiltrates his company.
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