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Full Name: Tom Barrick
Nationality: American
Organization: Excalibur CyberSecurity, Inc.
Occupation CEO

Creator: Oliver Rayne
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


First Look:
       Tom Barrick is the CEO of Excalibur CyberSecurity, Inc.
       This small but efficient company made its money in two ways. The first was as an adviser to large corporations on maintaining adequate security in an ever-improving cyber-crime environment. The second, and really more lucrative part, was in the recovery of lost or stolen items invariably of high value, thus making the earning of a 20% value price tag very much worth the effort.
       For over two decades before founding his company, Barrick has been an agent with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), that country's version of the CIA. Being single and largely frugal, he had packed away a good deal of his salary into mutual funds over the years and had an impressive nest egg. A bit on insider information had been beneficial before the Market crash of '87 and a switch over to Microsoft and Oracle stocks had done quite well for him. He could have retired and lived comfortably for the rest of his life but that would also have been, to Barrick, a bit too tame.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 Blackmail Blackmail
Written by Oliver Rayne
Copyright: 2014

A plea for help from an old acquaintance, a woman who had once tempted him into adultery, was worrisome. He felt he should help but didn't want to repeat the temptation. Still, her problems involved blackmail and kidnapping and dealing with matters outside the country.
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2 Leak Leak
Written by Oliver Rayne
Copyright: 2014

Someone is stealing R&D from the largest defense contractor in the world and costing it billions. Tom Barrick is asked to lead his team to find out who is behind the thefts but only three people have the kind of access that would be necessary and one of those is the client himself.
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3 Hostage Hostage
Written by Oliver Rayne
Copyright: 2014

A murder and then a kidnapping in Panama City Beach, Florida, gets Tom Barrick and his Cybersecurity company to head there to learn who is behind it all. Barrick will find a fascinating Seminole woman whose help he needs - and a large parmaceutical company who does not want him to succeed.
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