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Full Name: Alan Llewellyn
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Teacher

Creator: Walt Breede
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


First Look:
       Alan Llewellyn is a teacher.
       According to the flyer I read of this interesting man regarding whether he was a "teacher, sleuth or spy? If you asked him, he'd probably tell you 'It depends.'". It goes on further to show that he "keeps his day job at Augustine Washington High School but confronts crises that are a ton more violent than kid fights in the cafeteria".
       Having been in Special Forces for many, many years before leaving the military and taking a simple, "safe" job as a high school teacher, Llewellyn is quite accustomed to danger and to tricky situations. Both are good experiences to have had because Llewellyn's nature is to not look the other way when bad things happen or when someone asks for help, no matter who the person is or what the trouble is.
       Of course, as we will find over time, when one of his former high school classmates and friends grows up to become President of the U.S. and that is one of the people sometimes asking for help, things can really get crazy quickly.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 Snow On The Golden Horn Snow On The Golden Horn
Written by Walt Breede
Copyright: 2014

A beautiful young artist has been kidnapped. A colleague of Alan Llewellyn asks him for help finding her and that is the sort of thing that Llewellyn is good at. The search will take him to Istanbul and on to Gallipoli and to the Turquoise Coast of Turkey.
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2 Altar Stone Altar Stone
Written by Walt Breede
Copyright: 2014

The task presented to Alan Llewellyn looked so straightforward. Someone had stolen an altar stone belonging to a neighbor. She is understandably upset and asks for help. From then on things get complicated very quickly. And deadly.
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3 Sanity Check Sanity Check
Written by Walt Breede
Copyright: 2013

Alan Llewellyn's high school classmate is now the President of the U.S. and he askes Llewellyn "to form a small secret group to execute a 'sanity check' on material" he is getting from an intelligence community he is not too sure about. This will lead Llewellyn to discover activites China's intelligence department is up to in Richmond.
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4 Brainstorm Brainstorm
Written by Walt Breede
Copyright: 2014

Now heading up a "sub-rosa truth checking shop" for his friend, President Kehoe, Alan Llewellyn is pulled into the investigation of an upcoming terrorist attack on the U.S. which leads him to Germany to gather more info and to get ambushed.
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