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Full Name: Paul Duggan
Nationality: Irish
Organization: Irish Military Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Joe Joyce
Time Span: 2013 - 2014


First Look:
       Paul Duggan is an agent with Irish Military Intelligence.
       As we meet him, he is a young lieutenant who has found himself suddenly transfered to G2, Military Intelligence, in the Irish Army, and a wholly different type of duty than he had expected. His country is determined to stay neutral but whether Britain and/or Germany will abide by that decision is a huge question.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2014

1 Echoland Echoland
Written by Joe Joyce
Copyright: 2013

Book 1 of a trilogy. It is June, 1940. Paul Duggan is a young lieutenant in the Irish Army just assigned to G2. His first assignment is to watch a German suspected of being a spy. As he is following the mundane activities of the man, he is also asked by his uncle to find his missing daughter who might have been kidnapped.
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2 Echobeat Echobeat
Written by Joe Joyce
Copyright: 2014

Book 2 of a trilogy. It is December, 1940. Germany controls most of France. Britain is in the heat of the War. Ireland is nervous about German intentions as well as why the English are massing troops near the shore. Paul Duggan is involved in spying on German flyers interred in Ireland and what they might be secretly planning.
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2 Echowave Echowave
Written by Joe Joyce
Copyright: 2014

Book 3 of the trilogy. It is June, 1941. An American plane carrying provisions to England crashes in western Ireland. It is also supposed to be carrying a secret item which they want found immediately. So do the English. And the Germans. Now too the Irish which is why finding it is Paul Duggan's new mission.
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