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Full Name: Ben Ripley
Series Name: Spy School
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Stuart Gibbs
Time Span: 2012 - 2019


First Look:
       Benjamin Ripley is an agent with the CIA.
       He is also in middle school.
       It would not be unexpected to blink at both those statements. Kids barely into their teens are not supposed to be recruited into the government's chief spying organization. This, despite the fact that one of Ripley's dreams for some time was to be a spy. When the man came to his door and told him he was an exceptional young man just perfect for attending a special school for spy training, Ripley could not have been more excited. A dream come true.
       What no one told him then, and would not tell him for a while, is he was not wanted so much for being exceptional but because he could be used as bait to snare some very nasty people. The fact that bait is usually eaten by the prey before the snatch is completed is not lost on Ripley.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2019

1 Spy School Spy School
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Copyright: 2012

Ben Ripley really wanted to be a spy so when the CIA invited him to attend their Academy of Espionage, he jumped at the chance. Then he learned he was chosen only to be bait to atract a notorious enemy agent for capture. To survive, he knows he has to step up his game.
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2 Spy Camp Spy Camp
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Copyright: 2013

With Summer arriving, Ben Ripley thought he had a couple months off but, nope, he and his classmates are sent to Spy Camp where more training will happen. He will also find out about SPYDER, an evil spy academy. Luckily he also meets Erica, a fellow student, and he will need her to survive.
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3 Evil Spy School Evil Spy School
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Copyright: 2015

At a game of Capture The Flag, Ben Ripley accidentally fires a live mortar into the principal's office. He is expelled. When the Evil Spy School invites him to join them, he accepts.
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4 Spy Ski School Spy Ski School
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Copyright: 2016

Though he is most definitely not the best student the Spy School has had, he still gets picked to go on a real assignment. He is to become friends with Jessica, daughter of a possible Chinese crime boss. When she wants to go to ski school, he must go to.
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5 Spy School Secret Service Spy School Secret Service
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Copyright: 2017

Ben Ripley is on his first solo mission and it is a vital one. He goes undercover in the White House to find the SPYDER agent put there to kill the President. Ripley must uncover the assassin and stop him or her.
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6 Spy School Goes South Spy School Goes South
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Copyright: 2018

The offer to pinpoint SPYDER's headquarters is too good to ignore so the CIA tells Ben Ripley to accept Murray Hill's offer of help. Ripley does not trust him but he must head south of the border anyways to look for it, aided only by Erica.
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7 Spy School British Invasion Spy School British Invasion
Written by Stuart Gibbs
Copyright: 2019

Having come so close to capturing the leadership of SPYDER, Ben Ripley and his friends feel the only way to continue is to "go rogue" and join up with MI-6 to have another try at their enemy.
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