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Full Name: Robert Lane
Nationality: British
Organization: Sector 3
Occupation Agent

Creator: Arthur Hall
Time Span: 2012 - 2017


First Look:
       Robert Lane is an agent for Sector Three.
       Sector Three is an ultra-secret division of MI-6 tasked with handling the situations absolutely nobody in authority wants their handling to be known. The agents themselves are so secret that their real names are not used. For that reason, 'Robert Lane' is not the true name of the man we follow in these recorded adventures.
       When we first meet this man, he is 45 years of age and seriously looking forward to his retirement from the Sector in six months. Despite being a still relatively young age, the years he has put in already and the missions he had managed to survive have taken their toll on him. Physically he is still in fine shape having only had one bad incident (read 'seriously wounded') in the seventeen assignments he has completed, all successfully. But his head is telling him it is time to move to something else.
       Too bad Sector Three does not see it that way.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2017

1 Sole Contact Sole Contact
Written by Arthur Hall
Copyright: 2012

A Sector Three operative in Tunisia is protecting a North Korean diplomat who wants to defect and who has info on sleeper agents in the U.K. Robert Lane is sent to assist in the transit but shortly after Lane arrives, someone resembling him falls from a high window and Lane knows he is a target for someone he cannot identify.
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2 A Faint And Distant Threat A Faint And Distant Threat
Written by Arthur Hall
Copyright: 2012

Going to look for the daughter of a famous politician is not something Robert Lane wanted to do even if she was an undercover operative for Sector Three. Pushed into it, he finds himself captured by drug smugglers in Milan and barely escapes. That is when things get much worse; his girlfriend is tortured and killed in reprisal and he wants revenge.
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3 The Final Strategy The Final Strategy
Written by Arthur Hall
Copyright: 2013

The new head of MI-6 has been kidnapped and Robert Lane is sent to Portugal to find the people responsible. He finds a former KGB General has a plan to use his hostage as proof the General knows how to resurrect the old Soviet Union. Unfortunately for Lane, the General also knows that Lane is coming after him.
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4 The Plain Face Of Truth The Plain Face Of Truth
Written by Arthur Hall
Copyright: 2014

A fellow Sector Three agent has left London even though he was set to head out on a mission. Carrying information the Sector is worried might be damaging to them, Robert Lane is sent to the Caribbean to either bring the agent back or eliminate him. Lane is not certain of the man's guilt and is instead sure there is another organization involved.
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5 A Certain Way To Death A Certain Way To Death
Written by Arthur Hall
Copyright: 2017

Sector Three is so secret virtually nobody knows about it. Nevertheless, agents for that organization are being picked off one by one by an assassin that then vanishes. It is the job of Robert Lane to hunt down and finish this killer before Lane becomes a victim himself.
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