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Full Name: Brent Cleever
Codename: Secret Agent 21, Twenty-One
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: Universal Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Rab Hamilton , Alan Fennell
Time Span: 1965 - 1967


First Look
       Brent Cleever, Secret Agent 21, is an agent with the Universal Secret Service.
       The USS is a bit presumtuous since it really seems to just operate in this solar system in the far future of 2046. Even though that is only two and a half decades from when I write this, it is eight decades from when the recorded adventures were first presented. Humanity has spread out from the third planet to have colonies on Mars and Jupiter and other orbs.
       The USS had its headquarters in Kahra, capital city of the Mars colony. It disguised its headquarters as a factory for the Century 21 Toys Incorporated, the largest toy manufacturer "in the universe". Its agents went about the solor system pretending to be toy salesman and carried sample cases whose toys were really quite useful and in some instances deadly tools of their trade.

more to come soon.


Number of Stories:15
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1967


Number of Games:3
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1966

1 Spytracker Spytracker
City Magazines
Copyright: 1965

Printed in TV Century 21 Summer Extra 1965 on pages 32 & 33 - A game for 2 to 8 players that is played something like the games of Parcheesi or Sorry! Half the players play as Special Agents of U.S.S.(like Agent 21 or Agent 23) and the other half as Enemy Agents. This means that 1 to 4 players are the good guys and the other 1 to 4 player are the bad guys. Special Agents start at one of the 4 planets in the corner of board and the Enemy Agent start at Zalar in the center. The player that goes around the board and returns to where he started is the winner.

2 Operation Airport Operation Airport
City Magazines
Copyright: 1966

Printed in TV Century 21 Annual 1967 on page 34 - A game for 2 player with the object being a race to the Inter-Planet Airport and the player there first is the winner of the game. Secret Agent 21 is played by a player (from the upper left) and the other player plays as another spy (from lower right). Buttons are used as counters and some type of top (not pictured or found) is used like dice.

3 Secret Agent 21 - The Puzzles Secret Agent 21 - The Puzzles
Series of Puzzles
City Magazines
Copyright: 1966

A 3 Puzzles Series printed in TV Century 21 Annual 1967 on page 35 as follows;
1. Other Planets - Find the names of other planets in our solar system.
2. Security Patrol - Discover the best way through security, if you can.
3. International Airlines - Can you name these airlines? See how many you might know.
Note: Answer are include on page 101 of Annual. Only the answers to puzzles include here.


Number of Items:2
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1966

1 Biography - 21 Biography - 21
Character Profile
City Magazines
Copyright: 1966

Printed in TV Century 21 Annual 1967 - A brief one page history of Brent Cleever who is Secret Agent 21 that is followed by a page of pics.

2 Biography - Tina Biography - Tina
Character Profile
City Magazines
Copyright: 1966

Printed in TV Century 21 Annual 1967 - A brief one page history of Tina Palamac who becomes Agent 23 that is followed by a page of pics.




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