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Full Name: Rob Stone
Nationality: American
Organization: Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: A. P. Bateman
Time Span: 2015 - 2016


       Rob Stone is an agent with the Secret Service.
       He is not a spy per se. He would look at you with that look if you suggested it. He was an investigator and a very good one, one that has earned the respect of the Chief Executive but his specialty was in law enforcement and he liked it that way. The reason he is in this collection of series about spies is he seems to go up against them a fair amount and he makes them not like him because he tends to get the better result in the conflict.
       Stone enjoys the job he has of helping to protect the President and since the one he is currently guarding is one he likes, the job is especially satisfying. Since he has the attention of the man, though, it means he is the go-to guy when the President needs someone he trusts and can count on to do things that go a bit outside the normal protection circle.
       Standing around 6' tall in pretty fair condition, Stone is not so much physically intimidating as he is with his demeanor. Knowing he was good in a scuffle and willing to take the pain to earn a win, Stone will not usually go looking for trouble but he will not back from it. He is described as "clean cut and smart looking but in an ex-military kind of way". He is said to have a humorous glint in his eyes most times but that can go away very quickly when he is confronted.
       When he is not at work, which seems to take up most of his time, Stone enjoys taking part in car racing and in mountain climbing, neither activity remotely considered safe and both guaranteed to provide the kind of excitement that Stone finds rewarding.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Ares Virus The Ares Virus
Written by A. P. Bateman
Copyright: 2015

The Ares Virus could wipe out millions. The Aphrodite antidote could rescue the victims. The research facility which created both had just seen its manager killed in a suspicious car accident and Rob Stone was sent by the President to investigate. At the same time, one of the leading researchers overhears a plan to monetize both and make a fortune.
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2 The Town The Town
Written by A. P. Bateman
Copyright: 2016

On a mountain climbing trip to Oregon, Rob Stone was in a small town when he saw a helpless man being berated. Striking up a conversation, he earns the enmity of a trio of brothers who rule the community and within an hour someone tries to kill him. That upset it and instead of continuing on his way as he had planned, he decided to stick around and sort things out.
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3 The Island The Island
Written by A. P. Bateman
Copyright: 2016

When he awoke on the deserted island, Rob Stone was alone, naked, and with not idea of who he was or why he was here. He quickly realizes he has all the skills he needs to survive the elements but then has to wonder if he can survive those hunting him. Slowly he remembers bits and pieces of what brought him to this state and it dealt with the dark web and some very nasty activity going on there, worse than normal which is saying something.
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       Good solid action with an enjoyable character and plots which are well worn but which this author puts a good new sole to and makes them good as new. That doesn't sound like praise but it is. The author definitely knows what he is doing and he does it right. I would not have minded at all a couple more adventures about this gent because I liked the idea of a very capable man being thrown into situations he is not trained for but is still able to handle eventually. He's the kind of guy you want in your corner.


My Grade: B+


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