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Full Name: Nick Torr
Nationality: British
Organization: MI-6
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. J. Dillon
Time Span: 2011 - 2016


       Nick Torr is a spymaster with MI-6.
       By spymaster I mean he is the man in charge of SIS's Covert Directorate, a department designated CO8.
       At 45 years of age, he has spent the majority of his adult life working for Britain's intelligence gathering agency working his way up the ladder through mission after mission to all parts of the world. He has earned his position leading the covert team and might should be spending this time behind a desk but that is not for Torr.
       Torr bears the proof of his many years in the shadowy world of espionage. "His face had all the maturity he needed for the rest of his life; fair skin ribbed by clawed lines around his blue eyes, a strong mouth and a pronounced line down his right cheek as proof he smiled. Dark hair dropped raggedly over his forehead in a jagged line and a broken nose set badly gave him an aggressive arrangement that Angela, his wife, compared to a tormented Caravaggio figure."
       While Torr will pay dearly for his dedication to his trade, and those closer to him pay even more, he cannot find it in himself to not be the operative he has been for so many years.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Oktober Projekt The Oktober Projekt
Written by R. J. Dillon
Copyright: 2011

Operation Salvage was supposed to be a simple pickup of info from an agent in Moscow but Nick Torr knew it was a lot more when he was snatched by the Russians. Then came the torture. Even when he was finally released back to London, the trouble persisted as he was now suspected of being turned by them. Torr is determined to find the mole who caused him such pain and ordered the death of his wife.
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2 The Fanatic The Fanatic
Written by R. J. Dillon
Copyright: 2011

The sudden acts of terrorism in Britain seemed coordinated but by whom? That was Nick Torr's job to find out and the trail will take him to France, Egypt, Kenya, Somalia, the U.S., and then to Russia from which he still bears the scars.
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3 Hunted and the Damned Hunted and the Damned
Written by R. J. Dillon
Copyright: 2012

Years ago a British spy in Berlin disappeared. What happened to him was never known. Now a retired SIS operative is brutally murdered in that same city. Torr has a feeling the two events are related despite the years in between. As he investigates, he finds hints of a search for a lost shipment of Nazi gold. He also finds a lot of people, including the dreaded Russian GRU, who do not want old facts uncovered.
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4 Network of Lies Network of Lies
Written by R. J. Dillon
Copyright: 2013

Nick Torr was tired and wanted to come home. He had just finished settling some old scores in Moscow and was in transit in Singapore when things back in London conspire to cause considerable trouble. Someone is out to hurt CO8 and the whole of SIS and it is somehow connected to the murder of a British expat in that Far East city.
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5 Point of No Return Point of No Return
Written by R. J. Dillon
Copyright: 2016

Getting a Syrian defector to safety was going to be tough but doable until someone betrayed the op and the defector ended up dead and one of the team snatched along with a diplomat. Nick Torr is furious and determined to find who leaked the plan and why and his investigation will uncover a much bigger plot involving Palestinians intent on a Europe-wide terror campaign.
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