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Full Name: Michael Prentiss
Nationality: British
Organization: The Detachment
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew French
Time Span: 2012 - 2018


       Michael Prentiss is an agent with The Detachment.

       According to the author's description:
"Prentiss is a sixteen year old young man attending the army’s selection centre to join the Royal Military Police. He is, however, recruited by a secret army intelligence unit known as The Detachment, or simply, ‘The Det’, for an unofficial operation in Londonderry. The Det’s role is to combat the Provisional IRA in Northern Ireland at the height of ‘The Troubles’.

"Michael Prentiss is a man born out of time. He believes passionately in chivalry, not as we know the word today, but in its truest sense of courage, bravery, honour and defending the innocent whatever the cost. Prentiss is one of three main characters in my books. Michael Prentiss, Colonel Charles Mabbitt, the CO of The Det, and Richard Jordan, one of its best operators. These are my three musketeers. Although all my books have rather intricate plots with many twists and turns, they are first and foremost character driven. I take the reader on a journey, following the lives of these three men and how their experiences change them, not always for the better."


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2018

Note: plot synopses in quotes are publisher blurbs.

1 Assassin's Run Assassin's Run
Written by Andrew French
Copyright: 2012

"It is May 1980 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. An undercover operator with a secret intelligence unit is murdered when he discovers that an American oil tycoon is about to fund the vicious leader of an IRA splinter cell. As the unit mounts an unofficial operation to kill the tycoon they are forced to recruit a most unlikely assassin. This is a story of murder, treachery and double-cross where not everyone is as they first appear."
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2 The Ares File The Ares File
Written by Andrew French
Copyright: 2012

"When the wife of the commanding officer of a secret intelligence unit is murdered at home during a burglary to steal a top secret file, a chain of events is set in motion to hide one man’s guilty secret. Michael Prentiss is once again unwillingly drawn into the dark world of murder and deceit. He must discover who has taken the file and recover it before becoming an assassin’s next target."
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3 Personal Retributions Personal Retributions
Written by Andrew French
Copyright: 2013

"When Colonel Charles Mabbitt authorises a team from his secret intelligence unit, The Det, to mount an illegal covert operation in Paris, a ghost from the past returns to haunt him. Suspended and accused of murder, he embarks on a journey where the stakes are higher than he could have possibly imagined. Michael Prentiss has to go back into the dark world of espionage, treachery and double-cross to help Mabbitt prevent the assassination of a world leader."
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4 Rules of the Game Rules of the Game
Written by Andrew French
Copyright: 2013

"When The Det seize a huge terrorist arms shipment, the IRA's master tactician, Cillian Rainey, begins a vicious war against Colonel Mabbitt's secret unit. When Mabbitt discovers Rainey's most daring and terrifying plan yet, Michael Prentiss suddenly finds himself returning to the clandestine world of secret intelligence. Can Prentiss, Jordan and Mabbitt prevent the unthinkable in a deadly race against time?"
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5 At All Costs At All Costs
Written by Andrew French
Copyright: 2015

"When Detective Inspector Angela Lane disappears during a police undercover operation that goes badly wrong, Michael Prentiss turns to the only two people he trusts to help him find her. Once again Prentiss, Jordan and Mabbitt are forced to risk everything as they discover a terrifying bombing campaign is about to begin against London."
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6 Set A Thief Set A Thief
Written by Andrew French
Copyright: 2016

"Having successfully left his secret life behind him, Michael Prentiss is once again reluctantly drawn back into the dangerous world of terrorism when a ghost from Richard Jordan's past returns from the dead."
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7 The Reckoning The Reckoning
Written by Andrew French
Copyright: 2018

"When Michael Prentiss, Richard Jordan and Angela Lane become the targets of a female assassin they find themselves in a waking nightmare fighting for their lives. Can they discover who wants them dead before they become the sadistic killer's next victims?"
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