Full Name: Will Slater
Nationality: American
Organization: Black Force
Occupation Agent

Creator: Matt Rogers
Time Span: 2016 - 2018

       Will Slater is an agent with Black Force.
       As explained in a similar write-up for Jason King, Black Force is an unofficial American military operation, conceived and created by upper echelon officers, "top of the food chain" as King refers them, to take on the missions that they felt needed to be done but which few in their right mind would attempt and certainly none would admit to. As a completely off-book organization but financed through funneling from legitimate projects, it sent its men all over the world to handle "things that never would have ordinarily been sanctioned".
       The above mentioned King was the first and best agent that organization had but another agent considered almost as good, and some would say even better, is Slater. When King went "rogue", it was Slater who was chosen to take him down. The encounter, told in the first book mentioned below (and the 3rd in the King series), is impressive.
       Slater is described as African-American, "slightly taller than average, somewhere around six foot". It is further stated that "there wasn't an ounce of fat on his body. He had the lean and wiry physique of a professional athlete".
       Though he would likely claim that he desired peace and serenity in his life, the fact that wherever Slater went, trouble and mayhem inevitably find him would throw considerable doubt on that desire. Being highly trained and obviously so willing to leap into nasty situations, it is not surprising that he is often the only one to come out most tussles.
       While Slater is in Black Force when we first meet him, he does not stay in for long and while King is considered to have rogue by his agency, it is nothing like the way Slater left.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 Reloaded Reloaded
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2016

Book # 3 in the Jason King (2) series. Jason King has been trying very hard to stay off the grid and lay as low as he can. He bought a small villa on Corsica and runs a small seaside bar. Then some unfortunate things happen and he is no longer so hidden and his old group, Black Force, decide he knows too much. Will Slater is the man chosen for the job.

2 Corrupted Corrupted
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2017

Book # 5 in the Jason King (2) series. To learn why a party of international relief workers have disappeared while working in a remote village on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Jason King must head there and go up against a ruthless ex-KGB operative who is using slave labor in his mine. He will need help. He calls upon his own adversary turned friend, Will Slater

3 Hunted Hunted
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2017

Book # 6 in the Jason King (2) series. When the boss of the black ops division for whom you work turns bad, it is bad for everyone. The team, including Jason King and Will Slater, are grabbed by the government and thrown into a Navy super-carrier as a prison. If that wasn't bad enough, the Russian oligarch they just hurt wants payback big time and can reach anyone anywhere.

4 Wolf Wolf
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2017

Will Slater was not looking for serenity when he chose to walk into the battlefield that is modern Yemen. Good thing because when he finds the body of a young boy killed by rebels, he decides to bring retribution.

5 Lion Lion
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

Still looking for trouble, Will Slater is in Macau and when he sees obvious security men trying to kidnap a young girl off the street, he does not hesitate to leap into action to save her and thus to take on a billionaire casino owner with a secret to preserve.

6 Bear Bear
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

Not particularly interested in return to Vladivostok, Will Slater heads there now with the plan to take care of some unfinished business. While there he finds a nuclear-powered icebreaker, the biggest of its kind, being built while protected by an army of mercenaries. Looking into it means a whole lot of people upset at him.

7 Lynx Lynx
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

When he rescued the girl in Macau a few months before, Will Slater had entrusted her with an old colleague. Now he gets rumors that man was involved in the Lynx program, designed to turn young girls into killers. Slater will not tolerate that.

8 Bull Bull
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

It is never good when a government is miffed at you and when it is the U.S., that's a whole lot of bad. Will Slater decides to hide out for a while in eastern Zimbabwe but life throws at him a gang of killers who have been doing as they want for many years and do not plan to stop now. Slater decides to make them reconsider.

9 Weapons Weapons
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2019

Book 1 in the King and Slater series finds Jason King and Will Slater in New York launching a private war against corruption when they are approached by old employers to help save the country once again.

10 Contracts Contracts
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2019

Book 2 in the King and Slater series has Jason King and Will Slater on their first contract taking them to Nepal to track down a 14-year-old daughter of a high-level black-ops operative who has gone missing en route Mount Everest.


       My eyebrows raised quite a bit when I started this series. I had already met Slater in the pages of the Jason King series but now that he was on his own, I wanted to know what he was up to and then more importantly, what the heck would a sane man be doing voluntarily crossing into a hotbed of danger (literal and figurative) like Yemen. It made no sense!
       The fun part to the series is that to someone like Slater, it makes as much sense as anything else. Can you say "looking for a fight"? That's Slater. And for the wonderful enjoyment of us readers, he always finds one.


My Grade: B+

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