Full Name: Ray Raymond
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Lawyer

Creator: William Le Queux
Time Span: 1909 - 1909


       Ray Raymond is a lawyer.
       In training he is a barrister rather than a solicitor. Not actually a practicing one, at least according to the man who narrates Raymond's adventures, John James Jacox. They shared a "set of rather dismal chambers in North Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn" which sounds like they were roommates except for a subsequent statement indicated he resided in a prettily furnished flat in Bruton Street, while I lived in rooms round in Guilford Street, Bloomsbury, in my lonely bachelordom".
       Raymond was the "eldest son of Sir Archibald Raymond, Bart., the well-known Cardiff coal-owner who sat for East Carmarthen" and had himself been "adopted as candidate for West Rutland at the next election, and his party predicted of him great things". From that we can deduce that Raymond was well off and not actually needing to work for a living so his intended career in politics was almost hereditary.
       He is described as having "long, thin legs" and is said to present "the appearance of the typical athletic young Englishman, aged about thirty, clean-shaven, clean-limbed, with an intelligent and slightly aquiline face, a pair of merry grey eyes, and light brown hair closely cropped. He was an all-round good fellow, even though his life had been cast in pleasant places".
       Though his life seemed already scripted for him, Raymond, in the adventures we have of his, has decided to use the time remaining until the next election to "with commendable patriotism [take] up the burning question of German spies in England, which had been so lightly pooh-poohed by both the Prime Minister and the Minister for War. His intention was, if possible, to checkmate their activity, and at the same time reveal to the public the fool's paradise in which we are living now that 'the Day' - as they call it in Germany - is fast approaching - the day of the invasion of Great Britain".
       He is helped in these set of endeavors by not only Jacox but also Raymond's fiancee, Vera, "the pretty, fair-haired daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Vallance, the Admiral-Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard". That woman provides a good share of logical and insightful advice which Raymond is intelligent enough to heed, once in a while.


Number of Stories:14
First Appearance:1909
Last Appearance:1909


       Oh my stars! Ray Raymond does not need anyone else in the world thinking good things about him because this man thinks enough of them himself. This fellow is, to me, quite insufferable.
       But then again being so near perfect, if not there already, it is a darn good thing that in the turbulent times in which he takes his adventures that he is there. How else would England and the Crown ever survive?
       If you think I write these works with a touch of sarcasm, I reckon I did not put enough into the pot. Read these for their historical value, which is considerable. Just be prepared.


My Grade: C+


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