Full Name: Carl Logan/James Ryker
Nationality: British
Organization: JIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Rob Sinclair
Time Span: 2014 - 2017

       Carl Logan is an agent with the JIA.
       The Joint Intelligence Agency is a highly covert organization funded by the U.S. and the U.K. It maintains a fair sized group of agents operating around the world, lead by a senior official with many years in the intelligence-gathering business and overseen by politicians from both countries. The agents were broken into six groups, each with its own leader, and Logan was one of the best in his group.
       Was is the key word as at the time of the first recorded adventure, he had gone inactive nearly half a year and was only now being pulled back into service. The question on his superiors' minds was whether he was ready or too far gone.

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Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2017

1 Dance With The Enemy Dance With The Enemy
Written by Rob Sinclair
Copyright: 2014

Before his capture by the terrorists, Carl Logan had been one of the very best agents in the field; cold, ruthless, relentless. Then came the torture and being left for dead. Now Logan is back but different and some feel not able to do the job. When his terrorist nemesis shows up again, kidnapping the American Attorney General, Logan has a chance to see for himself if he still has what it takes.

2 Rise Of The Enemey Rise Of The Enemey
Written by Rob Sinclair
Copyright: 2015

As Carl Logan runs for his life when his cover is blown on a mission in Russia, he has to wonder who was behind the slip-up and was it really a mistake or a way for someone on his own side to get rid of him.

3 Hunt For The Enemy Hunt For The Enemy
Written by Rob Sinclair
Copyright: 2016

He has been branded a traitor and is on the run in the frozen Russian winter when his own JIA after him as well as others. Carl Logan has to prove he is not the enemy but to do so, he has to uncover who really is.

4 The Red Cobra The Red Cobra
Written by Rob Sinclair
Copyright: 2017

Carl Logan has created a new life for himself under the name of James Ryker. He thought he was done with his old life but then his former boss at the JLA comes calling with news that an old adversary had resurfaced and Logan/Ryker has a chance to stop her for good.

5 The Black Hornet The Black Hornet
Written by Rob Sinclair
Copyright: 2017

The love that James Ryker, formerly Carl Logan, had always hoped for has disappeared. Ryker is determined to find her again even if the trail takes him into Mexico and up against a major drug cartel.

6 The Silver Wolf The Silver Wolf
Written by Rob Sinclair
Copyright: 2017

Unable to find his lost wife, Carl Logan/James Ryker is finding another mission - one of vengeance which takes him back to England where he is willing to take on the JLA to find the answers he needs.




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