Full Name: Martin Calvary
Nationality: British
Organization: The Chapel
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tim Stevens
Time Span: 2012 - 2015

       Martin Calvary is an agent with The Chapel.
       That group is a small agency in the British Intelligence community which is so secret that not even the Prime Minister knows of its existence. Its mandate is to hunt down and eliminate enemies of the state no matter who they are or where they hide.
       Calvary is very good at his job but as he rapidly nears the age of 40 at the time of the first recorded adventure, he is feeling each battle a lot more than the previous one. He still has what it takes to do the job but he is a realist who knows it cannot go on much longer. Many of his opponents seem to be younger each mission and while experience counts for a great deal, older muscles move slower.
       Add to that the tiredness that his profession brings and it is easy to understand why Calvary would want out. Unfortunately, when you are as good as Calvary, is it not easy for your employer to just pat you on the back and say farewell.

More on this series when I have finished the books.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2015

1 Severance Kill Severance Kill
Written by Tim Stevens
Copyright: 2012

Wanting it to retire from his job as assassin for the Chapel, Martin Calvary is told 'just one more job' or evidence of his killings on previous missions will be released to the authorities. This job takes him to Prague to take out a British Cold War traitor but he is not the only one wanting to get the man.

2 Annihilation Myths Annihilation Myths
Written by Tim Stevens
Copyright: 2014

Hiding from the Chapel in the French countryside of Brittany, Martin Calvary meets an old army buddy who wants his help to free his daughter from a growing social movement that has some scary goals. Calvary initially refuses but life pushes him into the job nevertheless.

3 Redemption Road Redemption Road
Written by Tim Stevens
Copyright: 2015

Once more working for the Chapel, Martin Calvary is put onto the trail of an assassin that is wanted by many intelligence agencies but who is extremely elusive. One of those is the Russian SVR and Calvary is told to work with them but trust is a hard thing to maintain, especially when your life depends on it.




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