Full Name: MacKenzie Roberts
Series Name: The Old Spy Series
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Rob Armstrong
Time Span: 2011 - 2017

       MacKenzie Roberts is an agent with the CIA.
       When we first meet Roberts he is a retired agent living a comfortable life as an American professor of media history at a small college in Ireland. We have learned through a prologue that he had been an agent in very good standing with the Agency for many, many years and happily married to Hannah, his love. Then she is killed in a terrorist attack in Israel and his interest in just about anything came to a shattering end. The Agency, in thanks for so many years of service and never really letting a good agent get away, made an offer.
       Roberts wanted to retire. He wanted a simpler life and simpler job and something that would allow him to continue his only remaining passion - golf. Then through the auspices of a small but pretigious think tank, he is given his new life. The think tank made a sizable grant to the Irish college. They offered Roberts a teaching position. He accepted and used his spare time to become well known at many of the golf courses around the southern part of the country.
       A couple of uneventful years pass. Roberts is content with his teaching and his golf. He has a few good friends. Life is okay despite still missing his wife.
       When the trouble starts that will pull him back into action, it is subtle. It does not stay subtle for long.

More on this excellent series when I finish a couple more books which I am enjoying doing.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2017

1 The Old Spy The Old Spy
Written by Rob Armstrong
Copyright: 2011

Having retired from the CIA and now a professor at a small college in Ireland, MacKenzie Roberts had not desired to get back into 'the game'. A local murder, however, was the first step in case that would involve a terrorist plot planned for London and getting Roberts back into the action.

2 A Summer of Deception A Summer of Deception
Written by Rob Armstrong
Copyright: 2012

MacKenzie Roberts is again thrown back into action when a new spy network consisting of old KGB agents get involved with suitcase nukes and a plan to attack the US.

3 Who Iced Fat Pauli Who Iced Fat Pauli
Written by Rob Armstrong
Copyright: 2013

Another murder in Ireland brings MacKenzie Roberts into yet another interesting case. This involves a plan by Iran to cause trouble in Israel as well as an assassination plot against a friend of Roberts, the CIA's super-hacker Trudeau.

4 A Legion of Martyrs A Legion of Martyrs
Written by Rob Armstrong
Copyright: 2014

A CIA agent goes undercover to join an extremist cell in London and learns of a plot to blow up a train. This brings MacKenzie Roberts and his team into the case.

5 Drone Drone
Written by Rob Armstrong
Copyright: 2015

MacKenzie Roberts and his "group" become involved in another assignment, this one concerning young Muslim men from the West to head to Iraq to join ISIS and then come back home.

6 Hacked Hacked
Written by Rob Armstrong
Copyright: 2016

The job for MacKenzie Roberts and his group is to find and take down a Russian hacking team that have broken into the computers of the White House and are threatening the CIA.

7 Sisters of the Sword Sisters of the Sword
Written by Rob Armstrong
Copyright: 2017

The terrorists that MacKenzie Roberts and his group take on for this mission is different that anything they have faced before. This time the would-be mass killers are a band of highly dedicated female jihadists.




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