Full Name: Brady Hawk
Nationality: American
Organization: Firestorm
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack Patterson
Time Span: 2016 - 2017

       Brady Hawk is an agent with Firestorm.
       Firestorm is a black-ops organization within the U.S. Intelligence community responsible for operating in the shadows to take out those foreign enemies determined to destroy the Western world. It is headed by a powerful senator from Texas named Blunt who provides the funding through appropriations for an unspecified Project Z. Leading this project, codenamed Firestorm, is a military general named Johnson but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that it is Blunt who runs the show.
       Hawk is one of three Firestorm operatives though the other two are considered by Blunt to be there more for a replacement to Hawk than as equals. Good agents though they be, to Blunt there is only one Brady Hawk and so it is Hawk who gets the toughest assignments and at Firestorm, all the jobs are tough.
       Hawk did not need the job nor that dangers that came with it on every assignments. The son of a very wealthy arms manufacturer, he could have stayed home and either worked for daddy or just lived off his inheritance but then he would not be the kind of man that he was - driven to help no matter the risk.
       The same independent and frankly stubborn gene that caused Hawk to walk away from a life of privilege for one of constant danger and almost certain death makes him a terrific agent and one certain to cause sleepless nights for his handlers. Those back home, like Alex who seems to spend each of her nights wondering what crazy stunt Hawk will pull next, know that no matter how good Hawk is, and he is very good, he is still human and killable. Luckily no one seems to have gotten the word to Hawk.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 First Strike First Strike
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2016

In the newly created organization Firestorm, Brady Hawk is sent out against the terrorist group Al Hasib, specifically their top bomb maker, before they can wreak havoc in the US.

2 Deep Cover Deep Cover
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2016

A mining company is making a fortune funneling diamonds to the terrorist group Al Hasib. Brade Hawk is sent to the jungles of Sierra Leone to put an end to the operations

3 Point of Impact Point of Impact
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2016

Al Hasib, the terrorist organization, is sneaking its operative into the US to launch attacks from inside. Brady Hawk and Firestorm learn of some of the plans and set out to stop them.

4 Full Blast Full Blast
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2016

To stop the assassination of the Jordanian Prime Minister by Al Hasib, Brady Hawk heads to Prague but that is just the beginning of the trouble.

5 Target Zero Target Zero
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2016

Brady Hawk is asked to assist a CIA agent stop Al Hasib from obtaining sarin gas in Somalia. Complicating matters greatly is trouble on the homefront as Firestorm is in trouble.

6 Fury Fury
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2017

A notorious computer hacker nicknamed Black Wolf has gotten his hands on a list of terrorist operatives around the world and is offering it for the highest bidder. Brady Hawk heads to Austria to get his hands on it.

7 State of Play State of Play
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2017

The US President wants a coup before the next election. Catching a major terrorist as well as a famous traitor is the way to do it. The terrorist is Karif Fazil. The traitor is Brady Hawk.

8 Siege Siege
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2017

Firestorm's new directive is to take on The Chamber, an international organization manipulating events behind the scenes. Brady Hawk is on the job but an old enemy steps in to mix things up.

9 Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy
Written by Jack Patterson
Copyright: 2017

To destroy the US's reputation around the world, an operative with The Chamber is planning a false flag attack on a large group of Muslims heading to Mecca. Brady Hawk is on her trail.


       If you want non-stop action and derring-dos to keep you on the edge of your seat, the Brady Hawk stories are for yout. Non-stop is the word because once a mission starts, and it starts with the first page, you are not given a chance to catch your breath until the last page. And since there are now nine (as of this writing) adventures, that can and does mean a lot of late nights keeping up with what trouble Hawk is into.
       The author, Jack Patterson, is a highly gifted writer who knows how to form a sentence to not bog down any action. He has several terrific series under his name but the most exciting, to me, are the Brady Hawk tales and I hope Hawk sticks around for a long time.


My Grade: A-

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