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Full Name: Alec Fincham
Nationality: British
Organization: MI-6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Roger Cave
Time Span: 2007 - 2016


       Alec Fincham is an agent with MI-6.
       Technically and officially he is a Commander in the highly elite British Navy Special Boat Squadron (SBS), the naval equivilant of the more known SAS but just as deadly (more so, if you ask an SBS member). He has been in this service for a fair number of years and knows his way both on a base or on a ship. Getting involved with the spooks of British Intelligence, however, takes a whole different set of skills to stay alive. Fincham has those tools and uses them to keep himself and his teammates alive.
       This is a good thing because when he is seconded to British Intelligence, he seems to be the one who gets the really fun jobs in the most luxurious locales, all said with considerable sarcasm. Fincham, unfortunately for him, has the well earned reputation for getting the job done which means when there is an assignment no one really wants or thinks can be pulled off, it is Fincham whose name comes to mind.
       It must be said that Fincham does not actually mind the tough assignments. He gets bored easily and when, early on in the first adventure, he is assigned to train Yanks in America, he chafes because it is boring and safe. Still, he far prefers the missions where he is asked to work with his mates in the SBS and not so much when he is going it alone. And he has to go it alone quite a lot. This may explain why he is on a friendly first-name basis with Sir Charles, head of MI-6.
       Fincham is described as having an "athletic six foot one inch frame" along with "laser blue eyes". He is ruggedly good looking and is considered interesting to the ladies but he is quite happy with his American girl friend, Penny Jenkins.


Number of Books:13
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2016


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2015

1 Fried Fox Fried Fox
Written by Roger Cave
Copyright: 2011

The first of two short stories in the compendium Fried Fox & English Rat. Devon Fox is assigned by MI6 to handle a very simple investigation. When it does not stay simple, Alec Fincham is called in.
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2 English Rat English Rat
Written by Roger Cave
Copyright: 2011

The second of two short stories in the compendium Fried Fox & English Rat. The new British warship is the latest in stealth vessels. Someone wants very much that technology and it is the job of Alec Fincham and team to stop them.
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3 Mongoose Variation Mongoose Variation
Written by Roger Cave
Copyright: 2011

Alec Fincham learns that Kristina von Priller is alive and still very much active and it is his job to stop her from causing another Israeli-Arab war.
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4 Lion's Jaw Lion's Jaw
Written by Roger Cave
Copyright: 2015

It is back to Iraq that Alec Fincham is sent, not one of his favorite places. His job is to monitor ISIS as their numbers increase and the threat to a major oil refinery increases.
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       I love a good adventure and the author, Roger Cave, has given us quite a few. He has also provided a couple of interesting titles. One that leapt out at me was the collection of two novellas, entitled Fried Fox & English Rat. That made me raise my eyebrows and then made me buy it. Good marketting.
       And good writing. Fast paced plots with intelligent, realistic dialogue. I enjoyed the books I have read and plan to read the rest of them when I can.
       You know you have a good storyteller when you occasionally look to see if there is anything new.


My Grade: B+


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