Full Name: Lexi Carmichael
Nationality: American
Organization: Private Company
Occupation Agent

Creator: Julie Moffett
Time Span: 2010 - 2015

       Lexi Carmichael is a cyber-security expert.
       From a young age Carmichael was fascinated by numbers and was very good at using them. Arithmetic moved into Math which begat Algebra, Trig, Calculus, and so on, all were fun and easy to her. Then she got her hands on a computer and they "were my only friends and the Internet, my playground". She became at home in that virtual environment and enjoyed it.
       Just turning 25 as the series begins, she is an "information security technologist" with the NSA, web surfing while on the look-out for bad guys. Her main job was to "stop hackers from compromising America's national security". As the series progresses, her career will change at times but her expertise in cyber-security will always be at the forefront of whatever she tackles.
       Carmichael describes herself in a very straight-forward manner as being largely on the plain side, especially when next to her mother Clarissa, a former first-runner-up for Miss America as well as once being Miss Teen USA. Now in her mid-50s she still commands the room. Carmichael does not and never likely will. She is not bothered by it but does chafe at her mother's persistence at getting her married to some up-and-comer.
       Joining Carmichael on her numerous adventures and missions and escapades are a few close friends. First is Basia Kowalski, a very attractive college roommate of Carmichael who has remained a best friend since those days at Georgetown. Basia is a language expert and picks up new ones almost like a hobby. As Carmichael changes employment, Basia rides with her.
       Also an intricate part of the cadre are the Zimmerman twins, Xavier and Elvis. "Everyone at the NSA knew the Zimmerman twins. They were extremely odd people, identical twins marching to the beat of a completely different drummer. They were also incredible math and physics geniuses and had been the stars of the InfoSec department until they were lured away by a huge computer security firm in Baltimore for boatloads of money." Next to Basia, the Zimmermans are her closest allies.
       Carmichael's recorded time with the NSA is not long. A new career path is offered when a man she meets, sort of fights with, and leaves handcuffed offers a job (how's that for an interview). A new private company specializing in cyber-security is perfect for the young woman and the fact that her new boss is handsome does not hurt.
       Nor does the fact that a mysterious beef-cake of a man who is also a hacker extraordinaire keeps popping into her life. He goes by the name of Slash and Carmichael is truly smitten.
       Amongst all these friends and colleagues and would-be amours, there are also a lot of interesting assignments that has Carmichael constantly trying to stay alive.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2015

1 No One Lives Twice No One Lives Twice
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2010

Though she worked at the NSA, her job was a non-violent and fairly unexciting one until her best friend disappears and she goes into action to recover her, all with the help of some quite interesting assistants.

2 No One To Trust No One To Trust
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2011

Now working for a private firm, Lexi Carmichael's life is made quite complicated when her first client has one of their gifted researchers go missing and Carmichael is suspected of being involved by several different parties, one of which is not adverse to killing.

3 No Place Like Rome No Place Like Rome
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2013

A sexy hacker named Slash asks Lexi Carmichael to go along on an investigation in Rome. A dead body, a top secret encrypted file, and people trying to kidnap her are what she finds. Time to call in her eclectic group of friends to help.

4 No Biz Like Showbiz No Biz Like Showbiz
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2014

Asked to help out on a reality show about geeks getting, well, friendly, Lexi Carmichael must go up against a talented hacker who is messing with the voting system. To get closer to the truth, she becomes one of the contestants.

5 No Test For The Wicked No Test For The Wicked
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2014

Lexi Carmichael is less than thrilled to go all '21 Jump Street' in her latest assignment in which she goes back to school to find a hacker who is messing with the grading system in the nation's capital.

6 No Woman Left Behind No Woman Left Behind
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2015

Bringing your new boyfriend home to meet Mom is always a tense occasion but when bullets start flying and your services are in demand by several different government agencies, your life would be hectic to say the least. Lexi Carmichael knows from experience.

7 No Room For Error No Room For Error
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2015

Lexi Carmichael was looking forward to a simple assignment and she thought she had it when she was hired to deliver a new microchip to a manufacturing facility in Indonesia. It was not so simple a case as others wanted the chip ... badly.


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 No Money Down No Money Down
Written by Julie Moffett
Copyright: 2012

In explaining how she met the fascinating Zimmerman twins, Lexi Carmichael must also tell how she broke a guy's finger at the beach and then, when he mysteriously disappears, the Secret Service wants to know what her involvement was.


       When I first started this compendium a decade and half ago, I would have likely not "seen" this series so I would not have to read it and thus not have to add it because it was a romance series. Yuch!
       Luckily for me my maturity has grown (well, some) and my appreciation of some sub-genres has grown a lot. I blame Kay Hooper's Hagen series for knocking some sense into me.
       This is a good thing because I really liked the Lexi Carmichael books I have read (three) and am pleased that there are a few more to go. There is no doubt I will read them as well.
       I will enjoy them because, 1) the writer is darned good at setting up a good scene, taking you through it without delay and making you like the ride. 2) Carmichael is a sharp cookie who can hold her own very nicely in most situations but realistic enough to make you doubt it is happening. 3) The plots are very well thought out and developed and worth the time to read. And 4) the supporting characters are a lot of fun. The Twins add a ton. Basia is great. Slash is to die for (according to Lexi). A good series needs a good group of repeat people and this one has that and more.
       So, old curmudgeon that I am who would years ago have walked on by now looks to see if the author has anything new to say. Good job, Ms. Moffett.


My Grade: A-

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