Writing as: Jay Barbree

A noted NBC News correspondent majoring in space travel. In addition to his many years reporting of over 150 launches, detailed in two memoirs, Mr. Barbree wrote several books concerning the the NASA program. He collaborated with Martin Caidin, creator of the Steve Austin character, on several non-fiction works also dealing with the space program.

Series Books
The Six Million Dollar Man Pilot Error (1975)
Non-Spy Series The Hydra Pit (1977)
  The Day I Died [NF] (1990)
  Moon Shot - with Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton [NF] (1994)
  A Journey Through Time - with Martin Caidin [NF] (1995)
  Destination Mars [NF] (1997)
  Live From Cape Canaveral [NF] (2007)