1964 -

Writing as: Barry Eisler

A graduate of Cornell Law School, Barry Eisler was invited to join the CIA where he worked in the Directorate of Operations for three years. Leaving that covert position, he used his law degree to work as such in the Silicon Valley as well as in Japan. While in that country, he earned a black belt in judo.

Series Books
John Rain Rain Fall (2002)
  Hard Rain (2003)
  Rain Storm (2004)
  Killing Rain (2005)
  The Last Assassin (2006)
  Requiem For An Assassin (2007)
  The Detachment (2010)
  Paris Is A Bitch (ss) (2011)
  The Khmer Kill (ss) (2012)
  London Twist (ss) (2013)
  Graveyard Of Memories (2014)
Ben Treven Fault Line (2009)
  Inside Out (2010)
  The Detachment (2011)