Writing as: Marc Lovell


Series Books
Appleton Porter The Spy Game (1980)
  The Spy With His Head In The Clouds (1982)
  Spy On The Run (1982)
  Apple Spy In The Sky (1983)
  Apple To The Core (1983)
  How Green Was My Apple (1984)
  The Only Good Apple In A Barrel Of Spies (1984)
  The Spy Who Got His Feet Wet (1985)
  Good Spies Don't Grow On Trees (1986)
  The Spy Who Barked In The Night (1986)
  The Spy Who Fell Off The Back Of The Bus (1988)
  The Great Big Trenchcoat In The Sky (1988)
  Ethel And The Naked Spy (1989)
  Comfort Me With Spies (1990)