1920 - 2005

Writing as: William Garner

Born in England and graduating from the University of Birmingham, William Garner earned a living working for various public relations companies.

Series Books
Michael Jagger Overkill (1966)
  The Deep Deep Freeze (1968)
  The Us Or Them War (1969)
  A Big Enough Wreath (1974)
John Morpurgo Thing Big, Think Dirty (1983)
  Rat's Alley (1984)
  Zones Of Silence (1986)
Non-Spy Series The Manipulators aka The Puppet-Masters (1970)
  Strip Jack Naked aka The Andra Fiasco (1971)
  Ditto, Brother Rat! (1972)
  The Mobius Trip (1979)
  Paper Chase (Grafton, 1988, hc) (1988)
  Sleeping Dogs (1990)