1968 -

Writing as: Jack Du Brul


Born and raised in Vermont though attending prep school in Connecticut, Jack Du Brul moved south to Florida after graduating George Washington University and lived there for a time where he crafted his first published book, paying the bills by tending bar and waiting tables. He has since returned north to Vermont.

Series Books
Philip Mercer Vulcan's Forge (1998)
  Charon's Landing (1999)
  The Medusa Stone (2000)
  Pandora's Curse (2001)
  River Of Ruin (2002)
  Deep Fire Rising (2003)
  Havoc (2006)
  The Lightning Stones (2015)
The Oregon Files Dark Watch (2005)
  Skeleton Coast (2006)
  Plague Ship (2008)
  Corsair (2009)
  The Silent Sea (2010)
  The Jungle (2011)
  Mirage (2012)