1910 - 1974

Writing as: David Dodge

Born in Berkeley, California, David Dodge left high school early to work a series of different jobs before settling on accounting and becoming a CPA. Though he was married when WWII started, he joined the Naval Reserve and served with them for three years, reaching the rank of Lt. Commander. His interest in writing started with his work with local theater. A bet with his wife that he could write a mystery better than the ones they were reading at the time pushed him to produce a book that not only got published but also won him the $5 wager. His writing alternated between his series characters, of which Al Colby and 'Whit' Whitney were the best known, his travel adventures which humorously recounted trips with his family, and his standalone books. The most famous of the latter was To Catch A Thief which became the popular Cary Grant/Grace Kelly movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Series Books
John Lincoln Hooligan (1969)
  Troubleshooter (1972)
Other Death and Taxes [Whit Whitney] (1941)
  Shear The Black Sheep [Whit Whitney] (1942)
  Bullets for the Bridegroom [Whit Whitney] (1944)
  It Ain't Hay, aka A Drug On The Market [Whit Whitney] (1946)
  How Green Was My Father (travel) (1947)
  The Long Escape [Al Colby] (1948)
  How Lost Was My Weekend (travel) (1948)
  The Crazy Glasspecker, aka High Life in the Andes (travel) (1949)
  Plunder of the Sun [Al Colby] (1949)
  The Red Tassel [Al Colby] (1950)
  20,000 Leagues Behind the 8-Ball, aka With a Knife and Fork Down the Amazon (travel) (1951)
  To Catch A Thief (1952)
  The Poor Man's Guide to Europe (travel) (1953)
  The Lights of Skaro (1954)
  Time Out For Turkey, aka Talking Turkey (travel) (1955)
  Ransom Of The Angel (1956)
  Loo Loo's Legacy (1961)
  Carambola, aka High Corniche (1961)
  The Rich Man's Guide to the Riviera (travel) (1962)
  The Poor Man's Guide to the Orient (travel) (1965)
  Fly Down, Drive Mexico, aka The Best of Mexico By Car (travel) (1968)
  The Last Match (posthumously) (2006)