1951 -


Writing as: Lyle Brandt, John Cannon, Mark Kozlow, Paul Malone, Mike Newton, Vince Robinson


An incredibly prolific action writer, Michael Newton got his start working for Don Pendleton on the immensely popular The Executioner series and thus far has written almost three times as many in that series as the creator did himself. He has proven exceptionaly popular in the Western genre where several of his books, published under house names, have won or been nominated for prestigious awards. In addition to his action/adventure and western novels, Mr. Newton has published a fair number of non-fiction books under a variety of subjects, including The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. He currently resides in California.

Series Books
Lyle Brandt
Non-Spy Series The Gun [The Gun] (2002)
  Justice Gun [The Gun] (2003)
  Vengeance Gun [The Gun] (2004)
  Rebel Gun [The Gun] (2005)
  Bounty Gun [The Gun] (2006)
  The Lawman [The Lawman] (2007)
  Helltown [The Lawman] (2008)
  Slade’s Law [The Lawman] (2008)
  Massacre Trail [The Lawman] (2009)
  Hanging Judge [The Lawman] (2009)
  Manhunt [The Lawman] (2010)
  Avenging Angels [The Lawman] (2010)
  Blood Trails [The Lawman] (2011)
  Reckoning [The Lawman] (2012)
John Cannon
Mark Kozlow
Non-Spy Series Murder in the Gold Hills (1981)
  The Range War Nobody Won (1981)
Paul Malone
Non-Spy Series Pipeline [Agents - Jack Fowler] (1991)
  Trigger Pull [Agents - Jack Fowler] (1991)
  Shakedown [Agents - Jack Fowler] (1992)
Mike Newton
Non-Spy Series The Satan Ring [Jon Steel] (1978)
  The Ripper [Jon Steel] (1978)
  Massacre Trail [Bounty Man (1979)
  Vengeance Trail [Bounty Man] (1979)
  Creed’s Vengeance [Creed] (1981)
  Creed’s Gold [Creed] (1982)
  Creed’s Hell [Creed] (1982)
  Creed’s Kill [Creed] (1982)
  Creed’s Gauntlet [Creed] (1982)
  Creed’s Ransom [Creed] (1982)
  Creed’s Treasure [Creed] (1982)
  Creed’s Vendetta [Creed] (1982)
  Creed’s War [Creed] (1982)
  Cambodian Hellhole [MIA Hunter] (1985)
  M.I.A. Hunter [MIA Hunter] (1985)
  Child of Blood (1988)
  Slay Ride [Vicap] (1990)
  Korea Kill (1990)
  Blood Sport [Vicap] (1990)
  Black Lace [Vicap] (1991)
  Road Kills [Vicap] (1991)
  Head Games [Vicap] (1991)
  The Necro File [Vicap] (1991)
  China White (1991)
  Wet Work [Vicap] (1992)
  Jigsaw [Vicap] (1992)
  Dead Heat [Vicap] (1992)
  Cat and Mouse (1995)
  Neverglades (2011)
  Fear X Five (2011)
  Groveland (2011)
  Hopsquatch (2012)
Vince Robinson
Non-Spy Series Terror at Boulder Dam (1981)
  Death at Sea (1981)