1916 - 1989

Writing as: Jeff Bogar, Sean Gregory, Harry Hossent, Duff Johnson, Kevin O'Malley, David Savage, Ray Stahl


Series Books
Jeff Bogar
Non-Spy Series Book A Hearse Now (1951)
Sean Gregory
Non-Spy Series Murder Comes Easily (1953)
  Murder Bangs a Big Drum (1954)
  Murder Is Too Permanent (1954)
  Murder Makes the Corpse (1954)
  Murder Makes Mockery (1955)
  The Fifth Spy aks Edge of Terror (1963)
Harry Hossent
Max Heald Spies Die At Dawn (1958)
  No End To Fear (1959)
  Memory Of Treason (1961)
  Spies Have No Friends (1963)
  Run For Your Death (1965)
  Fear Business (1967)
Non-Spy Series Copper Smoke (1953)
Duff Johnson
Non-Spy Series Dynamite On Wheels (1952)
  Racing Crazy (1952)
Kevin O'Malley
David Savage
Non-Spy Series The Spy Who Got Off at Las Vegas (1969)
Ray Stahl
Non-Spy Series No Answer From A Corpse (1953)