1944 -

Writing as: Nicholas Guild

An American novelist, Nicholas Guild is best known for his historical novels, especially the two books about Tiglath Ashur, a prince from the ancient kingdom of Assyria. Educated at the University of California at Berkeley in 1972, Mr. Guild went on to become a professor of English literature in Connecticut.

Series Books
Ray Guinness The Summer Soldier (1978)
  Old Acquaintance (1978)
  The Favor (1981)
Non-Spy Series The Lost and Found Man (1975)
  The President’s Man (1982)
  Chain Reaction (1983)
  The Berlin Warning (1984)
  The Linz Tattoo (1985)
  The Assyrian [Tiglath Ashur} (1987)
  The Blood Star [Tiglath Ashur} (1989)
  Angel (1995)
  The Macedonian (2011)
  The Moonlight (2012)