1927 - 1995

Writing as: Don Pendleton

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Don Pendleton was a very prolific, as well as quite talented, author who spread his talents among several genres, doing very well in all of them. In addition to his ground-breaking, genre-creating Executioner series, he had two other series which I have read and enjoyed, both quite different from Mack Bolan and both well worth visiting: Joe Copp is an ex-policeman turned private investigator, and Ashton Ford, a private eye with a big difference - he is also a psychic. Both of these series are back in print after too long a hiatus.

Series Books
The Executioner War Against The Mafia (1969)
  Death Squad (1969)
  Battle Mask (1970)
  Miami Massacre (1970)
  Continental Contract (1971)
  Assault On Soho (1971)
  Nightmare In New York (1971)
  Chicago Wipeout (1971)
  Vegas Vendetta (1971)
  Caribbean Kill (1972)
  California Hit (1972)
  Boston Blitz (1972)
  Washington IOU (1972)
  San Diego Siege (1972)
  Panic In Philly (1973)
  Detroit Deathwatch (1974)
  New Orleans Knockout (1974)
  Jersey Guns (1974)
  Texas Storm (1974)
  Firebase Seattle (1975)
  Hawaiian Hellground (1975)
  St. Louis Showdown (1975)
  Canadian Crisis (1975)
  Colorado Kill-Zone (1976)
  Acapulco Rampage (1976)
  Dixie Convoy (1976)
  Arizona Ambush (1977)
  Cleveland Pipeline (1977)
  Command Strike (1977)
  Savage Fire (1977)
  The Executioner's War Book (1977)
  Tennessee Smash (1978)
  Monday's Mob (1978)
  Terrible Tuesday (1979)
  Wednesday's Wrath (1979)
  Thermal Thursday (1979)
  Friday's Feast (1979)
  Satan's Sabbath (1980)
Non-Spy Series Ashes to Ashes [Ashton Ford] (1986)
  Eye to Eye [Ashton Ford] (1986)
  Copp for Hire [Joe Copp] (1987)
  Mind to Mind [Ashton Ford] (1987)
  Life to Life [Ashton Ford] (1987)
  Heart to Heart [Ashton Ford] (1987)
  Time to Time [Ashton Ford] (1988)
  Copp on Fire [Joe Copp] (1988)
  Copp in Deep [Joe Copp] (1989)
  Copp in the Dark [Joe Copp] (1990)
  Copp on Ice [Joe Copp] (1991)
  Copp in Shock [Joe Copp] (1992)