1909 - 1999

Writing as: Kenneth Benton, James Kirton

Kenneth Benton was bork in England in 1909. He obtained a position teaching in Vienna, Austria in the early to mid 30's and it was then that he was recruited by MI-6 to work for them. His cover was employment as a Passport Control Officer. When Austria was consumed during the Anschluss, he and his wife, Peggie, who also worked for MI-6, were moved to Latvia to continue working but that was short-lived when the Soviet Union swallowed the Baltic states in 1940. During the War, he was in Madrid in charge of the counter-espionage unit tracking German spies who used neutral Spain as a conduit to the U.S. and England. After the War, he remained in Spain working for the soon-to-be infamous Kim Philby. When Philby outed himself as a Soviet mole and fled to Russia, Mr. Benton's career as a foreign operative was naturally blown. He remained a faithful employee of MI-6 for many years, though no longer as a field operative.

Series Books
Kenneth Benton
Peter Craig 24th Level (1969)
  Spy In Chancery (1973)
  Sole Agent (1974)
  Craig And The Jaguar (1974)
  Craig And The Tunisian Tangle (1975)
  Craig And The Midas Touch (1975)
  Vengeance In Venice (2012)
Non-Spy Series Death on the Appian Way (1974)
  A Single Monstrous Act (1976)
  The Red Hen Conspiracy (1977)
  Ward of Caesar (1986)
James Kirton
Non-Spy Series Greek Fire (1985)
  Time For Murder (1985)