1920 - 2010

Writing as: Madeleine Brent, Peter O'Donnell

Born in London, O'Donnell started writing as a teenager but at 18 he joined the military as WWII started. He was assigned to the Royal Signal Corps and stationed throughout the Middle East and the Med. When the War was over, he got a job wrriting for comic strips for newspapers. This included a brief stint on the James Bond Dr. No arc. He wrote for the Garth series from 53-66 and for Romeo Brown from 56-62. In 1963 he was given the chance to create his own series and he gave us the incomparable Modesty Blaise which he wrote continually until 2001. Besides the Modesty Blaise books, he wrote a number of books under the name of Madeleine Brent.

Series Books
Madeleine Brent
Non-Spy Series Tregaron's Daughter (1971)
  Moonraker's Bride (1973)
  Kirkby's Changeling aka Stranger at Wildings (1975)
  Merlin's Keep (1977)
  The Capricorn Stone (1979)
  The Long Masquerade (1981)
  A Heritage of Shadows (1983)
  Stormswift (1984)
  Golden Urchin (1986)
Peter O'Donnell
Modesty Blaise Modesty Blaise (1965)
  Sabre-Tooth (1966)
  I, Lucifer (1967)
  A Taste For Death (1969)
  The Impossible Virgin (1971)
  Pieces Of Modesty (1972)
  The Silver Mistress (1973)
  Last Day In Limbo (1976)
  Dragon's Claw (1978)
  The Xanadu Talisman (1981)
  The Night Of Morningstar (1982)
  Dead Man's Handle (1985)
  Cobra Trap (1996)