1905 - 1995

Writing as: Norman Daniels

This incredibly prolific author had so many pseudonyms, it is a wonder if he could remember them all. Besides writing under his own name a large number of books, he was best known as gothic author Dorothy Daniels.

Series Books
The Avengers The Magnetic Man (1968)
  Moon Express (1969)
Bruce Baron The Baron Of Hong Kong (1967)
  Baron's Mission To Peking (1968)
Kelly Carvel The Rape Of A Town (1970)
  One Angry Man (1971)
  License To Kill (1972)
John Keith Overkill (1964)
  The Hunt Club (1964)
  Spy Ghost (1965)
  Operation K (1965)
  Operation N (1966)
  Operation VC (1967)
  Operation T (1967)
  Operation SL (1971)