Writing as: L. Douglas Garrett

According to the bio on Amazon: "L. Douglas Garrett is a semi-retired consultant to businesses and governments in the nebulous field of International Services. He's well-travelled and helps others return from their trips happy, hale and hearty... or if things go poorly, at least return. This often involves a lot of helping international journalists understand the story they are being sent out to report.

His semi-retired state has allowed him to become a Permanent Resident of Japan. He's built his home there and settled for the first time in his adult life. He's been there twenty years, and rather likes it. He resides in Tochigi Prefecture, which is the region where Tokyo suburbs turn into farmland and then forests, rivers and hills. It suits him to have things like a forested mountain within walking distance of his home.

His hobbies and interests are wide-ranging. He's still able to discuss some of the finer points of chemical engineering, research medicine, history and gaming, especially grand strategy and turn-based tactical games for the PC. He's been known to offer pointers on improving one's skeet shooting technique. Reportedly, he's not a bad role playing gamemaster. He knows nothing about the proper breeding of racehorses, so don't ask him for advice at the track. He's a dedicated fan of H.C.TOCHIGI Nikko Icebucks, a rather hard-luck Asia League ice hockey team with a storied history.

Since keeping horses is not exactly practical where he lives, and he doesn't need a hunting dog, he chooses to direct his affection for animals to a modest number of cats that share his home. No more than four. Really."

Series Books
David Cox Remember When (ss) (2018)
  Remember Them (2019)