Writing as: Pel Georg

According to the bio on Amazon: "Pel Georg is a Greek national.

His full name is Pelopidas Georgiadis.

Born in Athens - Greece, from early on he showed an inclination in writing short stories.

During high-school he started writting his first novels, all of them of the action / adventure genre.

Being a movie fan, he was always keen into putting great action scenes into words, allow his readers delve into a movie-like flow of images and scenes, while reading his books. As he puts it: "The readers will definitely turn words, narrations, descriptions into images, scenes, inside their heads. What you have to do is just provide them with the most vivid and detailed settings, the whole frame, to be unfold before their eyes, as they read. Try to bring a more cinematic experience, together with plot and depth, without forgeting to add a solid background and the characters' profile, as they act, think, respond, feel, being multi-faceted human beings".

A trademark in his writting is the different viewing angles, separated by a blank line, as if a movie director would place his cameras and shoot a picture. Each frame treated in the outmost detail, in the same way a production design of a film would have done.

Pel Georg has written a lot of books: action / adventure, espionage thrillers, science - fiction, technological thrillers, all in his native language (Greek) but he never published any of them. Always fond of the conspiracy pattern, multiple agendas, layers of action, Secret Intelligence Services and elite army units (Special Forces), he states: "The biggest teacher I ever had, was - and still is - Robert Ludlum. That's the main pattern. To that I add side elements, derived from many styles of books and authors. I do read a lot, watch movies a lot too."

The first book he decided to publish, was "Factor Unknown" which was firstly written in Greek, then translated to English by himself, so as to be brought under a wider audience. A very " ... difficult task indeed, mostly time consuming ..." as he puts it. "It was time for me to go on, take that big step. Writers or authors if you prefer, as much self-driven they might be, they actually need an audience. That same audience will make you better, build you up, reveal new paths. It's the author that needs belonging some place, not the other way around. You got to have a family, then live up to the task."

Pel Georg has studied Business Administration with a major in Marketing. He also holds a Diploma in Computer Programming. His work experience speaks of an IT Manager in a private clinic, a Product Manager in a famous Greek Internet Service Provider firm, a Business Consultant setting his own firm on that field and a Commercial Agent through a family owned business.

His hobbies, except writting and reading include: movies & TV series, comics, dog breeds, technology and gadgets, guns, special army units, martial arts, Intelligence Services world wide, cars & automotive technology, industrial design and many more. All of them are somehow portrayed in his books, in order to built the most fitting climate to every scene.

He had been married, divorced and he is recently living in an apartment in Voula - Greece (Voula is a sea-side suburb, south of Athens)."

Series Books
Charles Grey Factor Unknown (2015)
  Factor Unseen (2016)
  Factor Unseen: Path to Resolution (2017)