Writing as: Peter Kirby

According to the bio on Amazon: "Peter Kirby was born in south London during the middle of World War Two. He failed his eleven plus exams but was lucky enough to live in the catchment area of The Stanley Technical School to which he won a scholarship. The school was founded by W F Stanley who had originally wanted young men as apprentices for his tool manufacturing companies. By virtue of its nature English and English literature were given low priorities in favour of more practical subjects.

On completion of his education he went on to become a planning engineer before promotion to regional and then export manager for a subsidiary company of what is now Compass ...the world's largest caterer.

It wasn't until he reached retirement age that he started writing but fear of criticism didn't allow him to let anyone even his wife read any of his manuscripts but ten years later when Kindle came to his attention he decided to cast his concerns a to one side which is the reason why you are reading this now. He hopes you enjoy reading his books as much as he enjoyed writing them."

Series Books
Graham Wenby One Too Many (2016)
  A Manual Approach (2016)