Writing as: Adam LeBor

According to the bio on his website: "I grew up in London in the 1970s and studied at Leeds University, where I edited the student newspaper. I enjoyed a peripatetic career on a number of Fleet Street newspapers with assignments that ranged from seeking London’s best dry Martini to investigating Nazi war criminals who found sanctuary in Britain.

In 1991, I decided to become a foreign correspondent and moved to Budapest to cover the aftermath of the collapse of communism. I also spent much time in the former Yugoslavia, covering the wars in Croatia and Bosnia. I moved to Paris for a year in 1997 to write a thriller, which eventually became The Budapest Protocol. Over the years, I have worked in more than 30 countries and enjoyed some hair-raising adventures along the way. I now write for the Economist, the Financial Times, Literary Review and other publications."

Series Books
Yael Azoulay The Geneva Option (2013)
  The Istanbul Exchange (ss) (2013)
  The Washington Strategem (2014)
  The Reykjavik Assignment (2016)