Writing as: P. A. Duncan, Phyllis Duncan

According to the bio on Amazon: "Phyllis A. Duncan is a retired bureaucrat but one with an over-active imagination--at least that's what everyone has told her since she first started making up stories in elementary school prompted by her weekly list of spelling words. A commercial pilot and former FAA safety official, she lives and writes in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. A graduate of Madison College (now James Madison University), she has degrees in history and political science. Her love of politics continues to this day.

She is President Emeritus of the Virginia Writers Club, one of the oldest writer organizations in the country.

Her debut novel, A WAR OF DECEPTION, won the 2017 New Apple Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing, "Best Historical Fiction."

Her fiction has won or placed in numerous contests (including winning the VWC Golden Nib Award for 2016) and has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies. When not writing, reading, reviewing books, singing, rooting for the Yankees, or watching NASCAR, she takes delight in spoiling her grandchildren."

Series Books
P. A. Duncan
Mai Fisher Yea, Though I Walk (ss) (2012)
  Patience (ss) (2012)
  The One Who Got Away (ss) (2012)
  A Study in Blue (ss) (2012)
  Boredom and Terror (ss) (2012)
  Prizraki (ss) (2012)
  Resolve (ss) (2012)
  A Beautiful Day (ss) (2012)
  Inconsequential Promises (ss) (2012)
  Honor (ss) (2012)
  A Little Romance (ss) (2012)
  Another Brick in the Wall (ss) (2012)
  Family Matters (ss) (2012)
  Footsteps (ss) (2012)
  Desert Nights and Weeping Flowers (ss) (2012)
  Days of Auld Lang Sync (ss) (2012)
  A Father's No Shield For His Child (ss) (2012)
  Blood Vengeance (ss) (2012)
  Career Day (ss) (2012)
  Giving The Dead Back Their Names (ss) (2012)
  Judas Goat (ss) (2012)
  The Tortoise and The Hare (ss) (2012)
  Let it Go for Now (ss) (2012)
  Cleopatra’s Barge (ss) (2012)
  Honor (ss) (2012)
  Angel of Death (ss) (2012)
  Pep Talk (ss) (2012)
  Closure (ss) (2012)
  26 May 2011 (ss) (2012)
  Spy Flash (2012)
  Here, There Be Dragons (ss) (2012)
  Four Seconds (ss) (2012)
  Blood Vengeance (2013)
  The Yellow Scarf (ss) (2015)
  My Noble Enemy (ss) (2015)
  Martyrs (ss) (2015)
  Spook (ss) (2015)
  Lady of the Flies (ss) (2015)
  No Secrets (ss) (2015)
  Artificially Induced (ss) (2015)
  For Valour (ss) (2015)
  False Courage (ss) (2015)
  Delicate Sensibilities (ss) (2015)
  The Better Spy (ss) (2015)
  Partners (ss) (2015)
  Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship (ss) (2015)
  Necessary Sacrifices (ss) (2015)
  Damaged Goods (ss) (2015)
  No More Confessions (ss) (2015)
  Hero Worship (ss) (2015)
  Thinking Alike (ss) (2015)
  The Serendipity of a Car Accident (ss) (2015)
  Sin Eater (ss) (2015)
  Anything for the Cause (ss) (2015)
  An Unnatural Order of Things (ss) (2015)
  The Better Spy (2015)
  Discreet Inquiries (ss) (2015)
  Resulting Complications (ss) (2015)
  Butterfly in a Net (ss) (2015)
  Blood Cover (ss) (2016)
  Spy Flash II (2016)
  Spymaster (ss) (2016)
  Brave New World (ss) (2016)
  Best Served Cold (ss) (2016)
  Hidden Agendas (ss) (2017)
  A War Of Deception (2017)
  Who Watches The Watchmen? (ss) (2017)
  A Face In The Crowd (ss) (2017)
  End Times (2018)
  Bad Company (2018)
  Descending Spiral (2019)
  A Case Of Mistaken Identity (ss) (2019)
  The Broader Concerns Of All Humanity (ss) (2019)
  A Change For The Better (ss) (2020)
Phyllis Duncan