Writing as: Lloyd Richardson

According to the bio on his website: "A diplomat during the Reagan years, and a lawyer with global clients for over 20 years, Lloyd Richardson brings three decades of experience in international affairs to his writing on American intelligence. He is fluent in Chinese and has held diplomatic posts abroad and at the State Department, where his last assignment was as staff assistant to the Director of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff. He has previously written on America’s foreign policy towards Asia for a publication of the Hoover Institution, Policy Review.

In the Foreign Service, Mr. Richardson frequently observed that friends believed he was working for the CIA in any event, and denial only increased their suspicions. He decided then to write about the often-unappreciated role of intelligence professionals in the development and implementation of US foreign policy. While most US citizen have gained some appreciation of these individuals and their sacrifices since the travesty of 9/11, there are still too many in America—especially those cozy with the Left—who believe that America’s security can be maintained through a formidable brand of wishful thinking. One can only hope another 9/11 will not be necessary to shame these people back into the morass they crawled out of. In the meantime, every sentient American should be concerned about Islam and what it represents in the world today. This is not a new problem, proving once again that “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,” as Edmund Burke reminded us over 200 years ago.

Mr. Richardson lives with his loving wife and two exceptionally devoted Manx cats in Beaufort, South Carolina, where he moved for de-tox after 20 years spent sucking the hot air in Washington, DC."

Series Books
Adam Chin Dragon's Paw (2012)
  The Golden Arrow (2015)