Writing as: CLR Dougherty

According to the bio on his website, Charles L. R. Dougherty is originally from Savannah, Georgia.

"With an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, an MBA, and a law degree, he embarked on a corporate career which spanned over 25 years. He worked for a number of companies in the telecommunications and data communications field, starting as an engineer and finishing as a corporate vice president. He left the corporate world to participate in high-tech startup companies and started a consulting practice to help entrepreneurs with business issues, including raising venture capital.

In 2000, with the children grown, he and his wife decided to leave the rat race while they could still run. Avid sailors, they stored or gave away their accumulation of "stuff" and dropped the docklines. They've been cruising full-time since then aboard Play Actor, their sailboat, and have been exploring life in the Eastern Caribbean since 2004."

Series Books
J. R. Finn Assassins and Liars (2018)
  Avengers and Rogues (2019)
  Vigilantes and Lovers (2019)
  Sailors and Sirens (2019)
  Villains And Vixens (2019)
Other Bluewater Killer [Bluewater Thrillers] (2011)
  Deception in Savannah (2012)
  Dungda de Islan' [NF] (2012)
  Life's A Ditch [NF] (2012)
  The Lost Tourist Franchise (2012)
  Bluewater Vengeance [Bluewater Thrillers] (2012)
  Bluewater Voodoo [Bluewater Thrillers] (2012)
  Bluewater Ice [Bluewater Thrillers] (2013)
  The Redemption of Becky Jones [aka Twisted Love] (2013)
  Bluewater Betrayal [Bluewater Thrillers] (2013)
  Bluewater Stalker [Bluewater Thrillers] (2014)
  Love for Sail [Connie Barrera] (2014)
  Sailor's Delight [Connie Barrera] (2014)
  Bluewater Bullion [Bluewater Thrillers] (2014)
  Storm Sail [Connie Barrera] (2015)
  Bluewater Rendezvous [Bluewater Thrillers] (2015)
  Bluewater Ganja [Bluewater Thrillers] (2015)
  A Blast to Sail [Connie Barrera] (2015)
  Sails Job [Connie Barrera] (2016)
  Running Under Sail [Connie Barrera] (2016)
  Bluewater Drone [Bluewater Thrillers] (2016)
  Bluewater Revolution [Bluewater Thrillers] (2016)
  Bluewater Jailbird [Bluewater Thrillers] (2016)
  An Easy Sail [Connie Barrera] (2017)
  Under Full Sail [Connie Barrera] (2017)
  Bluewater Enigma [Bluewater Thrillers] (2017)
  Bluewater Quest [Bluewater Thrillers] (2017)
  A Torn Sail [Connie Barrera] (2018)
  A Righteous Sail [Connie Barrera] (2018)
  Facing the Storm (2018)
  Bluewater Target [Bluewater Thrillers] (2018)