1863 - 1926

Writing as: Allen Upward

According to the bio on Wikipedia:

George Allen Upward was a poet, lawyer, politician and teacher. His work was included in the first anthology of Imagist poetry, Des Imagistes, which was edited by Ezra Pound and published in 1914. He was a first cousin once removed of Edward Upward. His parents were George and Mary Upward, and he was survived by an elder sister (Mary) Edith Upward.

Upward was brought up as a member of the Plymouth Brethren and trained as a lawyer at the Royal University of Dublin (now University College Dublin). While living in Dublin, he wrote a pamphlet in favour of Irish Home Rule.

Upward later worked for the British Foreign Office in Kenya as a judge. Back in Britain, he defended Havelock Wilson and other labour leaders and ran for election as a Lib-Lab candidate, taking 659 votes in Merthyr at the 1895 general election.

He shot himself in November 1926. Ezra Pound would a decade later satirically remark that this was due to his disappointment after hearing of George Bernard Shaw's Nobel Prize award which Shaw won in 1925.

Series Books
Andrea V Secret History of To-Day (1903)
  The Abdication of Francis-Joseph (ss) (1904)
  The Black Pope (ss) (1904)
  The Blowing Up of the 'Maine' (ss) (1904)
  The Death of Queen Drago (ss) (1904)
  The Humbert Millions (ss) (1904)
  The Mystery of Captain Dreyfus (ss) (1904)
  The Peril of Norway (ss) (1904)
  The Policy of Edward VII (ss) (1904)
  The Ruse of the Dowager Empress (ss) (1904)
  The Telegram Which Began the Boer War (ss) (1904)
  What Was Behind the Tsar's Peace Rescript (ss) (1904)
  Who Really Killed King Humbert (ss) (1904)
  The International Spy (1905)
Other The Queen Against Owen (1894)
  The Prince of Balkistan (1895)
  One of God’s Dilemmas (1896)
  A Crown of Straw (1896)
  A Bride’s Madness (1897)
  A Day’s Tragedy (1897)
  Secrets of the Courts of Europe (1897)
  God Save the Queen! (1897)
  Athelstane Ford (1899)
  The Wonderful Career of Ebenezer Lobb (1900)
  The Wrongdoer (1900)
  The Accused Princess (1900)
  The Ambassador’s Adventure (1901)
  High Treason (1903)
  Romance of Politics (1904)
  The Ordeal by Fire (1904)
  On Her Majesty’s Service (1904)
  The Yellow Hand (1904)
  Lord Alistair’s Rebellion (1906)
  Secrets of the Past (1908)
  The House of Sin (1926)
  The Domino Club aka The Club of Masks (1926)
  The Club of Masks aka The Domino Club (1926)
  The Venetian Key (1927)