1884 - 1922

Writing as: George Bronson-Howard

According to a bio on IMDB: "American author, playwright, drama critic, journalist and war correspondent.

He served as an intelligence officer with the British Army during the First World War.

Reported on the Japanese-Russo War for the London Daily Chronicle."

Series Books
Yorke Norroy How Norroy Created a New Republic (ss) (1905)
  A Tilt with the Muscovite (ss) (1905)
  The Isle of St. Anthony (ss) (1905)
  The Eagle's Eyrie (ss) (1905)
  A Yankee Knight-Errant (ss) (1905)
  The Honor of the Ambassador (ss) (1905)
  The Friend of the Chief Executive (ss) (1905)
  For the Good of the State (ss) (1906)
  By Aid of an Anachronism (ss) (1906)
  On the Night of the Charity Ball (ss) (1906)
  A Prince for a Pawn (ss) (1906)
  The Editor and the Diplomat (ss) (1906)
  An Alias from Burke's (ss) (1907)
  Norroy, Diplomatic Agent (1907)
  The Brotherhood of Suppression (ss) (1907)
  The Return of Norroy (ss) (1908)
  The Code Book (ss) (1911)
  The Green Plates (ss) (1912)
  Further Chronicles of Norroy, Diplomatic Agent (ss) (1912)
  The Kidnaping of Norroy (ss) (1912)
  The Curio Collector (ss) (1912)
  The Green Hour (ss) (1913)
  The Greenhorn (ss) (1913)
  The Green Finch (ss) (1913)
  Behind the Green Lamps (ss) (1913)
  Slaves of the Lamp (1917)
  The Bureau of Missing Articles (ss) (1918)
  The Enemy to the Emperor (ss) (1918)
  A Leaf from the Kaiser's Book (ss) (1918)
  His Country or His Life (ss) (1918)
  The Book of the Betrayers (ss) (1918)
  The Black Book (1920)
  The Devil's Chaplain (1922)