1920 - 2005

Writing as: Carson Bingham, Bruce Cassiday, Mary Anne Drew, Lee Falk, C. K. Fong, Annie Laurie McAllister, Annie Laurie McMurdie, Michael Stratford

Born and raised in southern California, Bruce Cassiday was a prolific writer in a wide range of genres from spy to mystery to gothic to action/adventures. He also penned a fair number of how-to books teaching carpentry and other things as well as treatises on how to write in the different fiction categories.

Series Books
Carson Bingham
Non-Spy Series Run Tough, Run Hard (1961)
  It Happened in Hawaii (1962)
  The Gang Girls (1963)
Bruce Cassiday
Nick Carter The Spanish Connection (1973)
Non-Spy Series While Murder Waits (1957)
  The Buried Motive (1957)
  The Brass Shroud (1958)
  The Floater (1960)
  The Corpse in the Picture Window (1961)
  Code name: Jericho Operation Goldkill (1967)
  The Girl in the Trunk (1973)
  Murder Game - with Bill Adler [Insp. Justin Birkby] (1991)
  Murder on the Internet - with Bill Adler (1999)
  None But the Vengeful (2000)
Mary Anne Drew
Non-Spy Series The Diabolist (1975)
Lee Falk
Non-Spy Series The Assassins [Phantom] (1975)
C. K. Fong
Victor Mace The Year Of The Cock (1975)
  The Year Of The Ape (1975)
Annie Laurie McAllister
Non-Spy Series House of Vengeance (1976)
  Queen of the Looking-Glass (1978)
Annie Laurie McMurdie
Non-Spy Series Nightmare Hall (1973)
Michael Stratford
Non-Spy Series The Sniper [Adam-12] (1974)