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Writing as: Spike Andrews, Ian Barclay, Chad Calhoun

Ian Barclay is a pseudonym for George Ryan who also wrote under the pennames of Spike Andres, Chad Calhoun, and Lee Davis Willoughby, as well as under his own name.

Series Books
Spike Andrews
Other Cult of the Damned [C.A.T.] (1983)
  Kidnap Hotel [C.A.T.] (1983)
  Tower of Blood [C.A.T.] (1983)
Ian Barclay
The Crime Minister The Crime Minister (1984)
  The Crime Minister: Reprisal (1985)
  The Crime Minister: Rebound (1986)
  The Crime Minister: Reckoning (1987)
  The Crime Minister: Retribution (1987)
Chad Calhoun
Other The Mountain Queen [Brad Spear] (1982)