1954 -

Writing as: Jonathan Cain, Nicholas Cain

Born in Colorado, Nicholas Cain volunteered for service during the latter years of the Vietnam War and was made a military policeman. After his time of service, he returned to Colorado and began a life in law enforcement. He continued that for a decade before trying his hand at writing. He became an expert in action/adventure tales during this time. Eventually, however, he decided to give it up and moved to California where he became a private investigator.

Series Books
Jonathan Cain
Non-Spy Series Saigon Commandos [Saigon Commandos] (1983)
  Boonie-Rat Body Burning [Saigon Commandos] (1984)
  Cherry-Boy Body Bag [Saigon Commandos] (1984)
  Code Zero: Shots Fired [Saigon Commandos] (1984)
  Di Di Mau or Die [Saigon Commandos] (1984)
  Dinky-Dau Death [Saigon Commandos] (1984)
  Sac Mau, Victor Charlie [Saigon Commandos] (1985)
  Mad Minute [Saigon Commandos] (1985)
  You Die, Du Ma! [Saigon Commandos] (1985)
  Hollowpoint Hell [Saigon Commandos] (1986)
  Suicide Squad [Saigon Commandos] (1986)
  Torturers of Tet [Saigon Commandos] (1986)
Nicholas Cain
Able Team Night Heat (1989)
  Counterblow (1990)
Non-Spy Series Abel’s War [Luke Abel] (1989)
  Death for Sale [Luke Abel] (1989)
  Off Limits [Luke Abel] (1989)
  Rough Cut [Luke Abel] (1989)
  Street Tricks [Luke Abel] (1989)
  White Death [Luke Abel] (1989)