1921 - 1963

Writing as: Jean Bruce

Born Jean Brochet, M.Bruce was a French author who created his famous OSS-117 four years before Ian Fleming created Bond. In addition to the nearly 100 adventures of OSS-117, he wrote numerous other stories before his death in a car accident.

Series Books
OSS-117 A Coffin For Isa (1954)
  The Last Quarter Hour (1955)
  Trouble In Tokyo (1958)
  Deep Freeze (1963)
  Double Take (1964)
  Short Wave (1964)
  Pole Reaction (1965)
  Shock Tactics (1965)
  Soft Sell (1965)
  Flash Point (1965)
  Photo Finish (1965)
  Dead Silence (1967)
  High Treason (1967)
  Top Secret (1967)
  Cold Spell (1967)
  Strip Tease (1968)