1956 -

Writing as: Stephen Leather

According to Wikipedia, Mr. Leather was born in Manchester, England. He earned a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Bath University and worked as a biochemist as well as an assortment of odd jobs before switching to journalism.

Series Books
Mike Cramer The Chinaman (1992)
  The Long Shot (1994)
  The Double Tap (1996)
Spider Shepherd Hard Landing (2004)
  Soft Target (2005)
  Cold Kill (2006)
  Hot Blood (2007)
  Dead Men (2008)
  Live Fire (2009)
  Rough Justice (2010)
  Fair Game (2011)
  False Friends (2012)
  True Colours (2013)
  Spider's Web (2013)
  White Lies (2014)
  Black Ops (2015)
  Dark Forces (2016)
  Light Touch (2017)
Non-Spy Series Pay Off (1987)
  The Fireman (1989)
  Hungry Ghost (1991)
  The Vets (1993)
  The Birthday Girl (1995)
  The Tunnel Rats (1997)
  The Solitary Man (1997)
  The Bombmaker (1999)
  The Stretch (2000)
  Tango One (2002)
  The Eyewitness (2003)
  Bangkok Bob and the Missing Mormon (2010)
  Nightfall (Jack Nightingale) (2010)
  Once Bitten (2010)
  The Basement (2010)
  Dreamer's Cat (2010)
  Inspector Zhang And The Dead Thai Gangster (Inspector Zhang) (2011)
  Midnight (Jack Nightingale) (2011)
  Cursed (Jack Nightingale) (2011)
  Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish (Inspector Zhang) (2011)
  Inspector Zhang and the Disappearing Drugs (Inspector Zhang) (2011)
  Inspector Zhang And The Falling Woman (Inspector Zhang) (2011)
  Inspector Zhang And The Perfect Alibi (Inspector Zhang) (2012)
  Still Bleeding (Jack Nightingale) (2012)
  Nightmare (Jack Nightingale) (2012)
  Inspector Zhang Goes To Harrogate (Inspector Zhang) (2012)
  Take Two (2013)
  Nightshade (Jack Nightingale) (2013)
  Lastnight (Jack Nightingale) (2014)
  Blood Bath (Jack Nightingale) (2014)